Friday, December 9, 2011

SΣ: Fracture

Hello everyone. I'm back. Scribe Sigma.

I guess I owe you all an explanation?

The "Sammy Mayhew" whose memories I was given is not me. I've checked the dates, the age, public records... it doesn't add up at all. It's impossible for it to be me. Of course, I realized this as soon as I made that post. The memories were just crashing against my mind, begging to get out, and once they were released, I was able to think clearly.

I am not Neomaria.

I am her half-sister.

While I was on the run, I went home. The home that I only have three years worth of memories of, and I saw my mother for the first time in years. She's aged so much, I barely even recognized her. But she recognized me, the instant she saw me.

I won't go into the details, but there were tears and there were hugs. Apparently, my father has been making the occasional visit since I joined the Archive. I don't have any memory of my father-- he was long gone by the time the Grandfather took my memories-- but he remembered me.

Anchises. His posts were titled "sin", "sof", and "the". "sinsofthe". I'm certain the next two would have been "fat" and "her." Sins of the father-- my father. Keeper Alpha.

I don't know why he named his daughter with Analyst Alpha after me. Whether it was guilt or simply because he missed me. I don't know.

The Inquisitors found me before the Martyrs did, and they took me to the Sphere, and I met my sister-- the sister I never knew I had. We look so much alike. Same dark blonde hair, same brown eyes, same front teeth that are just slightly too big... And she's pregnant. And she's been pregnant for years. Pregnant with a child that cannot be detected and does not exist.

Neomaria: the new Mary. She who will give birth to a new god. For some reason, the fetus won't grow anymore in her body, so Analyst Alpha started looking for a new mother to carry the baby to term, preferably one with a similar physiology to her daughter.

And that's why she wanted me. She was going transplant the fetus inside me.

Inquisitor Nu is close to her. I think they might even love each other. He was always so hostile to me... but now, for some reason, he's protecting me-- trying to protect both of us. He's Ghost.

...and now I suppose I should explain current events.

My father is dead. A group of Martyrs broke into his room and killed him while he slept. The Martyrs are different from how I remember them. They follow Martyr Alpha's orders with a kind of... no, "fanaticism" isn't the right word. "Fanaticism" implies passion.

Analyst Alpha has declared that anyone who opposes her is a traitor, and with the Martyrs backing her up, she's started a fucking civil war.

I'm here, in the Sphere, with my sister and my protectors, and the Inquisitors are desperately fighting to keep the Martyrs out.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sphere

"The Sphere" is the name given to the headquarters of the Inquisitors. It is a large underground complex, where Archive prisoners are kept.

Prisoners can be traitors, enemies, or servants of PREs, captured to be studied or interrogated. The Sphere also houses test subjects.

The war has begun. Expect your scribe back soon.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ghost 03

Transcription of audio recorded from the office of Inquisitor Alpha is as follows:

[knock on the door]

IA: Come in.

[sound of door opening. Footsteps. Door closes.]

Female Voice: I want answers.

[there is a slight pause. The sound of someone shifting in his seat is heard.]

IA: Don't we all? What can I do for you, miss double A?

Analyst Alpha: This so-called "Ghost" has somehow managed to hack into my email and listen in on the Council. So tell me, why have you not found him, yet?

IA: It's a ghost, remember? Presumably he can walk through walls.

AA: Don't give me that shit. You know who it is, don't you?

IA: [sighs] And if I knew who it was, why would I keep that a secret?

AA: You sided with the Keeper. You're trying to destroy my work--

IA: It's true that I have moral objections to the Neomaria project, but I most certainly--

[there is a slamming sound]

AA: You and Keeper and Scribe are trying to end my experiment! I know it! You think I don't know that Keeper is Anchises? It's obvious! Anyone with half a brain could figure it out!

IA: First of all, there is no concrete evidence to support that accusation-- and it is quite an accusation. Secondly, it's pronounce "Anchises." The C-H makes a "K" sound.

AA: I want Ghost's head.

IA: Good for you. What will you do if you don't get it? Sic your lapdog on me? Won't that be interesting? I wonder how the Martyrs would react to being sent after an Alpha? Oh, but they are so loyal, aren't they?

AA: Inquisitor Alpha, will you please stop trying to change the subject!?

IA: No, I don't think I will. Now will you kindly get out of my office?

AA: You--

IA: Me! Yes, me. My office. That you are in. Get out.


It's shameless, the way they flirt.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ghost 02

Transcription of the meeting of the Council of Seven is as follows:

Collector Alpha: Is this meeting truly necessary? We are all aware of the current situation.

Analyst Alpha: You of all people shouldn't be complaining. It's your fault this council is deadlocked on the Scribe Sigma issue.

CA: Scribe Sigma... Neomaria... 208... These don't concern the Collectors. I see no reason to vote on this issue.

Broker Alpha: I'd like to remind you that she stole sensitive information, and posted classified data to that blog of hers.

Scribe Alpha: Something she only did after certain members of this council attacked her.

Martyr Alpha: I had judged her to be a danger--

SA: Don't give me that! You were obeying Analyst Alpha like good little boy--

AA: Scribe Alpha! Please show some restraint or excuse yourself from this chamber.

Keeper Alpha: By all rights this shouldn't have happened in the first place. We should have terminated 208 long ago.

AA: I have put too much time into the Neomaria project to see it--

KA: Project? She is your daughter!

AA: This is not the time nor the place for such sentimentality, Keeper Alpha!

Inquisitor Alpha: This infighting is getting us no where. Without Collector Alpha's vote, the council remains deadlocked. As for the matter of Scribe Sigma, it is true that she has released classified information, but it was under fairly extreme circumstances. She should be brought in and punished for that transgression, though I'd argue leniently, and nothing else.

BA: Showing any leniency to someone who willfully releases classified data--

SA: Yes, we all know you're very upset about not being able to turn as much of a profit as you used to, but can you please just shut up for once?

BA: The money my brokers make is what keeps this organization running!

SA: Or at least the money that gets into the treasury.

BA: Just what are you implying?

KA: Enough! As far as I'm concerned, the matter of Scribe Sigma remains deadlocked. Is there anything else that must be brought to our attention?

AA: Yes, the matter of the mysterious "Anchises." He is clearly someone with access to high-level information, and has an interest in protecting Scribe Sigma.

IA: My inquisitors have found no evidence that could lead us to Anchises' identity.

MA: Big surprise there.

AA: And what of Ghost?

IA: Likewise. We do not know who Ghost is, or how he obtained your email. It's possible that Ghost and Anchises are the same person.

KA: In The Aeneid, Aeneas did meet a ghostly image of Anchises when he went to the underworld.

AA: Yes, I'm sure you'd know all about that.

SA: It seems to me that there is insufficient information for the council to act on these subjects. I propose that we set them aside for the time being and move our discussion to the proposed Experiment 563.


You guys should really beef up your security. Just saying.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Ghost 01

11-13-11: Target Scribe Sigma's current location: Unknown

The trail has gone cold

recovered the following e-mail:


To: Martyr Alpha
From: Analyst Alpha
Subject: Scribe Sigma

I understand that the girl has managed to evade your people for a month. Where is she? I know that you know just how important it is that I get her. IA has assured me that he's searching for whoever helped her, but so far no leads have come up. How can you be certain that none of your Martyrs helped her? She used to be yours, see if you can find anyone she was friends with.

And I want you to investigate the Inquisitors as well. Remember that IA sided with KA and SA in the last meeting. I don't trust him.


Hello, miss AA. I am the one who helped SΣ escape. Nice to meet you.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Daddy is teaching me to play a game. It's called chess and it's so fun. But I have trouble understanding the rules. Why is the horsey called a knight? I love my daddy. Why are you mad mommy? Is chess a bad game?

Daddy what's my name? Mommy says I don't have one but everyone has a name. I heard people call you Keeper Alpha and people call mommy Analyst Alpha. Is my last name Alpha?

Sammy Mayhew? Is that my name daddy?

Why are you so sad daddy? It is my name? I'm Sammy Mayhew? What's wrong daddy?

Mommy why is daddy sad? I only asked him my name. No mommy! Don't be mad. I'm sorry mommy I'm sorry sorry sorry

Daddy mommy's so mean I hate her!

Why is it so quiet all the time? No one ever has time to play with me. There are no other kids here. Can we move somewhere else daddy? Why not? I don't understand daddy.

Daddy why do you spend so much time watching the Martyrs?

I'm having a birthday party! Thank you mommy I love you! Where is it? You're taking me to it now! I can't wait! I'm eleven I'm a big girl!

This room doesn't look like a birthday party.

Mommy? Why did you lock me in here? Why are you calling me that? What's "neemara"?

Mommy help where are these men taking me? I can't move this chair is uncomfortable! Help me mommy! Mommy? What is that thing they have! No! NO NO NO NO NO NO HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME

It hurts mommy, it hurts it hurts why mommy? You said I'm a good girl? I'm a good girl mommy? But mommy it hurts.

Why does my tummy always hurt mommy?

Who are you? Why are you in my room? !!!! Are you the Grandfather! Mommy and daddy have told me so much about you! Did you know I'm going to have a baby?

You want me to sign my name in this book?


Update on my Current Status

Like I said before, I have been very busy lately. I've gathered a lot of information, most of which is about my past, the past I don't remember. A picture is beginning to form, and frankly I don't like it.

Once again, there are still some things that are unclear, and that I'm still looking into. I've been spending a lot of time at libraries, looking through books about folktales and mythologies and urban legends. I'm trying to find as much information as I can about the Shadow People, because I'm certain it all comes back to them. I'm actually typing this up at a library computer right now.

I'm not sure what I'm hoping to find. I doubt any of these books are going to have information on what happens when Shadows get stuck inside humans. I don't even know why I'm so hung up on it. I'm going by the word of some guy who named himself after a character from Greco-Roman myth. Although I do think I have a pretty good idea of who he really is...

You see, a few weeks back, I went home. My original home, the one I left to join the Archive. I saw my mother for the first time in years, and we talked.

The Grandfather is standing right next to me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

UXP746: "A"

NOTE: I have been very busy these past few weeks, and I've learned a lot. I think I'm beginning to understand why I was targeted, and I believe that I have figured out who "Anchises" is. However, there are still some missing pieces to the puzzle, and I don't want to reveal what I've learned just yet. Both because of the few missing pieces, and because I want to put some distance between me and the places I've been. The Martyrs are no doubt watching this blog carefully. So until I fill you in on what's been going on, I'll post some more stuff I've got from the Archive's database. --SΣ

Designation: UXP746

Description: Appears to be a human and is capable of verbal and written communication. UXP746 identifies itself as "A." Gender is unknown. Features and voice appear to be wholly androgynous, to the point that there is some doubt over "A's" humanity and whether or not it possesses a gender at all (Hence its classification as UXP).

UXP746 has shown signs of possessing a human-like psyche. Specifically, UXP746's behavior exhibits signs of megalomania. UXP746 has shown itself to be fond of puzzles, and is prone to violence.

NOTE: The following is stuff that I've written, covering more recent developments --SΣ

Following a period of year-long absence, UXP746 has suddenly resurfaced. On October 4, 2011, blogger Achromatic Morality reported an encounter is UXP746. Shortly afterward, UXP746 created a new internet account, tied to the blogs A Realm of Emptiness and A Lifetime of Laughter. Judging by UXP746's recent activity, appears that its megalomania has gotten worse.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CW006: "Catacombs"

Designation: CW006

Common Term: The Catacombs

The Catacombs are the domain of the Grandfather. It is within these stone tunnels that He houses His books and His knowledge. Great spiders roam these passages, and when the Grandfather requires more books for Him to record knowledge in, these spiders spin webs of the greatest silk, and from that silk, pages are formed and bound into tomes.

NOTE: About a month after I became Gifted, I woke up in my room in the middle of the night and felt a cold draft on me. I found that there was an opening in my wall that led down into a long, dark tunnel, even though my room was on the second floor and the wall in question had nothing on the other side of it other than the outside world. This, I knew, was an entrance to the Catacombs. I walked, barefoot, through those hallways. I saw the spiders ("spider" really does not do them justice, but it is the best description I can give). They ignored me. I do not know how long I walked those halls, but eventually I began to grow weary, and desired to return to my room. The very next corner led me back to my bed, and when I turned to look back into the Catacombs, the entrance was gone. --SΣ

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Experiment 208

NOTE: Somehow, if "Anchises" is to be believed, what's going on right now comes back to this experiment. And since I'm apparently a fugitive now, I can't see how releasing classified data will make things any worse. I need all the help I can get, and I don't know what 208 has to do with anything. --

Designation: Experiment 208

Purpose: To determine if regular humans can become beings on the same level as PREs.

Data: Subject selected was a human male child age 9.

Using the "light cage" developed during Experiment 113, Analysts isolated bodies of PRE09 "Shadow People" into a specially designed tube. Subject was then injected with PRE09 while being exposed to DB Radiation (NOTE: Various experiments done with DB Radiation have shown it to defy currently known physical laws. The Radiation causes matter to at once break down and remain whole. I know, that sounds confusing, but that's how it works. --SΣ).

Subject failed to bond with PRE09. PRE09 broke free from Subject's body  through violent means. Subject perished instantaneously.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

CW005: "Screaming Tower"

NOTE: I'm doing surprisingly well. Someone's been following me, I think, because I keep finding envelopes full of money, so I'm taking care of myself. For obvious reasons, I can't exactly divulge my location, though. --SΣ

Designation: CW005

Common Term: The Screaming Tower

CW005 is the domain of PRE05 "Wooden Girl". It appears as a large circular tower that extends upwards for miles. Each floor contains a number of doors, which lead out into the mundane world. Corpses are strung about the tower in various poses and various states of decay, each held by strings which extend from the stone. Some who have walked this path claim that the corpse's eyes are perfectly preserved and follow anyone who passes by. Strange, vulture-like creatures created from cloth are sometimes observed in the tower, though they always flee when they are approached. Screams are often heard echoing from the floors above.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SΣ: Running

Yesterday, a pair of Martyrs came for me. They told me that Martyr Alpha had requested my presence for something. To my knowledge, he was currently overseeing an operation out in a certain location that I would not like to disclose right now, so I packed some things and prepared to leave with them.

We had no sooner made it out the door than I heard a gunshot, and one of the Martyrs went down.

You ever hear of pink mist? Let me assure that it is very real.

The other Martyr, instead of looking for the sniper, immediately pulled his gun on me. I think that this was when I realized that something really messed up was going on.

He pointed his gun at my kneecaps, and just before he squeezed the trigger, the sniper took him out as well.

Then I heard a voice. A voice that sounded vaguely familiar. It shouted one word at me.


So I did. I ran. I got in a car and drove as far from the complex as I could.

I have no idea what's going on. I have no idea what those Martyrs wanted. I have no idea where I'm going to go.

An hour ago I logged onto our secure database and found out that I'd been designated a high-priority target (though lethal force was not authorized).

So here I am, out on the road with no where to go. I have a lot of data with me, so I'll probably keep updating this blog as normal, if only so that I still have some hint of normalcy in my life.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't protect you.

Run as far away as you can.

And if you ever hear the name "Neomaria"?

Run faster.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

CW004: "Bleak Shore"

Designation: CW004

Common Term: The Bleak Shore

CW004 is the domain of PRE13 "Convocation". It is appears as a long, seemingly endless beach, where storm clouds continuously rage in the skies. It is utilized by both PRE13 and its human servants as a means of transport. NOTE: There is some debate over whether PRE13's bodies actually do use this Pathway, as some Analysts believe that PRE13 is not made up of distinct birds but is rather a consciousness that can overtake any bird. --SΣ

Thursday, September 29, 2011

UXP214: "Unlucky Man"

Designation: UXP214

Description: The so-called "Unlucky Man" was first recorded by an Irish Catholic monk in 1607. He was described as a man dressed in strange clothes, with a crest upon his back consisting of the Greek letter Chi with a circle through it. The monk claimed that he watched, dumbfounded, as the Unlucky Man fell off a cliff and presumably to his death.

Many other recorded sightings of this man have occurred throughout history. It appears that he wears a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, with the "Operator Symbol" upon it, though no connection to PRE01 "Slender Man" has been observed. The Unlucky Man usually is observed to suffer a gruesome fate shortly after appearing.

Perhaps the most bizarre sighting was in a Chicago warehouse in 1993. The Unlucky Man was sighted on the grounds shortly before the warehouse caught fire. When the fire was put out, a number of large bones were found among the ashes. Testing revealed that the bones belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex though they were not fossilized.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PRE11: "Manufactured Newborn"

Designation: PRE11

Colloquial Terms: The Manufactured Newborn, the Growing Doll, the Contraption, Chesire Cat, the Mad Machine, the Child of Gears, the Becoming God, TOWER

Physical Description: PRE11 can take numerous forms, however it seems that its "true" form is that of a tower built of seemingly random objects.

Behavioral Characteristics: When PRE11 begins operations in an area, it will take the form of a small, unassuming object. Over time, this object will draw others toward it and bond with them, forming a composite machine. Any object, no matter the size, shape, or composition, can be utilized by PRE11. When it has grown to what it deems to be sufficient mass, it will leave this reality and add its body to an ever growing tower of such contraptions, which resides in CW0104 "The Towering Realm"

Further Reading: This seems to be an account of its birth, and this and this document encounters with it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NOTICE: A Designation Change

Hey. Scribe Sigma here. I mentioned in a previous post that PRE11's status as a PRE was a debate among Analysts. Well, that debate recently ended, and PRE11 "Bleeding Tree" has been reclassified as UXP832 "Bleeding Tree". A "UXP" is an Unexplained Phenomenon.

The designation of PRE11 has been reassigned to a recently discovered entity. I'll try to get a post up on PRE11 "Manufactured Newborn" as soon as I can.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PRE17: "Eye"

Designation: PRE17

Colloquial Terms: The Eye, The Watcher, The Conscience, Judgment, JURY

Physical Appearance: Appears as a large eyeball that grows out of various surfaces. Only the victim is able to see it, and its gaze will always follow the victim.

Behavioral Characteristics: Usually targets people who have recently committed outlandish crimes (though it has been documented as targeting people who have only committed minor crimes as well). For a period between a week and a year, PRE17 will appear to the victim at various locations, slowly making the victim more nervous and paranoid. After some time, PRE17 will choose another victim and enter into that victim's body, merging with their consciousness. This creates a new being who identifies itself as "Judgment". Judgment will then track down and kill the original victim in a way befitting the original crime (NOTE: So if someone, say, dismembered a person, then Judgment will dismember them. Whereas if they merely lied, the Judgment might removed their tongue and make them bleed to death. Yes, these are both documented cases. --SΣ).

Shortly after conversion, Judgment's body will begin to break down. Within the span of a few weeks, the body will die.

Further Reading: This transcript of a forum conversation.

Monday, September 12, 2011

PRE16: "Intrusion"

Designation: PRE16

Colloquial Terms: The Intrusion, the Hive, the Swarm, the Unseen Horseman, the Eighth Plague, PESTILENCE

Physical Characteristics: A swarm of animals of varying species, the only common trait is that each animal belongs to the phylum arthropoda (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Behavioral Characteristics: A sort of consciousness that affects large groups of arthropods, causing them all to move with a single-minded purpose. Like the animals in their natural state, PRE16 seeks to reproduce. It does so by seeking out a human host. As the host sleeps, PRE16's bodies into into the host through each orifice and lay eggs within the host's body. The host begins to become ill as a result of that. Within a few days, the eggs hatch, and the offspring devour the host from within. PRE16, with its new bodies, proceeds to seek out a new victim.

Violence against individual bodies will only serve to agitate PRE16.

Further Reading: This blog

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sane Interview

NOTE: A few weeks ago, Archive agents encountered a disoriented man who claimed to be an SMSC agent called "Aladdin Sane". Archive data indicates that at that time the agent with that codename was engaged in an operation halfway around the world. The mysterious man was brought in for questioning. The following is taken from a transcript of the session. --SΣ

CE: Agent Sane, I am known as Collector Epsilon. How are you feeling?

Sane: Fine. Fine. I didn't know the Archive still existed.

CE: You are familiar with this organization?

Sane: The Archive. Yes. Well, no. [he pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts] Not this Archive no.

CE: Care to explain what you mean?

Sane: I was there. At the base in *CENSORED*. I saw it get devoured.

CE: How are you aware of that location?

Sane: But that didn't happen here. This isn't the same place, is it? Lowe was right.

CE: Lowe?

Sane: There was a second Lowe. The tall guy brought him. Our Lowe said that this proved interdimensionary travel was possible.

CE: Who is Lowe?

Sane: He was a receiver. He helped us when it happened.

CE: You are referring to Tav Lowe? (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Sane: That was his name. He said it happened because the big guys started fighting. It broke the world. Made the thing.

CE: Could you describe this "thing"?

Sane: A rip, I guess? A tear that gets and bigger. It's nothing really. It unmakes things. It takes everything and makes it nothing. And it grows and grows until everything is nothing. It destroyed our home. Lowe thought we could escape. I guess I did.

CE: You are from another world?

Sane: I am. But how long will I be here? How long until this world falls as well? It makes reality bleed. It makes the world bleed. And soon the worlds start bleeding into each other. And then they're all gone. [He closes his eyes and whispers these next few words] In the end, the Quiet claims us all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Scribe Sigma here.

I still have no idea who this Anchises guy is, or why he feels to post on my blog. But this worrying to me: "the seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208"

I can't tell you about 208. It's classified. And even if it wasn't...

Experiment 208 was, in my opinion, one of the most horrible experiments this organization ever conducted. Be glad it's classified. You're better off not knowing.

If that experiment actually had lasting effects, though, then that's bad. Very bad.

But it's bad for me and everyone else in the Archive. It's our problem, and we'll solve it if we have to. So you guys don't need to worry about it. --SΣ

Friday, September 2, 2011


Be careful.

When it comes to placing your trust, be frugal.

The seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208, are beginning to bear fruit.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Tale of the Visitor

NOTE: The following is the text of an unpublished children's book by a so-called "C. C. White". Personally, I think it's obvious why no publisher would touch it. --SΣ

by C. C. White

Once upon a time there was a man who liked to visit new people. People called him the Visitor.

He traveled to the woods and visited a big pale man in a suit, but the pale man tried to eat him, so Visitor left.

He traveled to the hospital and visited a man with a bird mask, the man in the mask made Visitor's nose feel itchy, so he left him too.

He traveled to the castle and visited the queen of puppets, but the queen wanted to make him a puppet, so Visitor left her too.

He traveled to the lake and visited a bunch of tentacles, and the tentacles grabbed him and pulled him under the water, and Visitor was never heard from again.

Don't do drugs.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ludus Deorum

I've mentioned this before, but now here is a post further explaining the so-called "Grand Game" --SΣ

Ludus Deorum (Latin: "Game of Gods"), also called the "Grand Game" and the "Great Game", refers to the relations between the PREs and humans. The ultimate goal of Ludus Deorum is unknown, but the PREs will often form and break alliances with one another in order to reach it. Humans are used as the pieces in this game, being manipulated by the PREs as one may manipulate pieces on a chess or checkers board.

Certain PREs do not involve themselves in the game PRE04 "Grandfather" merely acts as an observer, and PRE06 "Empty City" does not actively participate, but rather serves as a neutral meeting ground for the PREs and their Servants.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

CW003: "Crumbling Castle"

Designation: CW003

Common Term: Crumbling Castle

CW003 is the domain of PRE12 "Plague Doctor". It appears as a large castle with endless hallways and a countless number of rooms. The style of the castle's architecture shifts depending on where one is within it. The walls of the castle are constantly crumbling away to reveal warm and throbbing flesh beneath it.

Those who enter CW003 usually return, though there has never been a case of someone entering and coming out perfectly healthy. Some sort of terminal disease is always contracted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P13A27: "Witch of Gatlinburg"

Designation: P13A27

Aliases: Witch of Gatlinburg, Crow Face, The Mountain Maid, Bird Mother, Smoky Mountain Witch

Physical Characteristics: A woman in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Pale skin. Blonde hair. Dresses in a cloak of black feathers and an abnormally large bird skull, which she uses as a mask (the species of bird is unknown). Often seen carrying a stone dagger.

History of Activity: P13A27 was first reported in the early 19th century, with many sighting around the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA-- most concentrated in the area that is now the town of Gatlinburg. Sightings since then have been sparse, and it is unknown whether this is the same woman as the subject of the original sightings.

Most believe her to be a witch who commands the birds in the area. Sources describe her has using her knife to cut into her own flesh, creating openings from which birds emerge. It is more likely that she is a "nest" for PRE13 "Convocation"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PRE15: "Dying Man"

Designation: PRE15

Colloquial Terms: The Dying Man, the Lost Man, All and None, the Decay, Jumper, VAGRANT, He Who Seeks Shelter

Physical Characteristics: None, though victims do exhibit signs of necrosis and occasional deformities

Behavioral Characteristics: Lacks a physical body, but inhabits the bodies of others. Once it has entered a host body, the host begins to decay. Symptoms of PRE15's infection include necrosis and a variety of deformities including, but not limited to, the growth of extra limbs or digits, scales developing along the skin, development of extra organs, and cancerous growth of skin and muscle cells. The speed of decay varies from victim to victim, ranging a few hours to a few years. Psychological effects on hosts also vary. Some hosts appear to lose all signs of previous personality as PRE15 takes control, others appear normal except for occasional episodes of erratic behavior. A small number have been reported as having gone comatose. When the host body has decayed to the point that it is no longer feasible for PRE15 to inhabit it, then PRE15 will seek to make physical contact with another organism, jumping into the new body. There are some reports that PRE15 is able to split its consciousness and infect multiple bodies at once, though these reports are unconfirmed.

Though PRE15 currently possesses no body of its own, there is evidence to suggest that this was not always the case. NOTE: That evidence is classified. --SΣ

Further Reading:  This blog as well as this blog, both concerning the same victim of PRE15

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Experiment 153

NOTE: Experiments 145-152 are classified. --

Designation: Experiment 153

Purpose: To determine if those enslaved by PRE05 can be freed from her control

Data: Ten subjects were acquired for this test. One was designated as the control, and each of the nine was confined to a cell within the Sphere and subjected to a different "treatment". Sixteen hours into the experiment, Analysts began to aggressively assault one another. Seventeen hours in, Martyrs who had been sent to confine the Analysts also turned hostile. Eighteen hours into the experiment, all Martyrs and Analysts save one had been killed. The final Analyst freed each of the ten test subjects before slitting his own throat.

Careful analysis of the security tapes reveals multiple instances of a figure resembling PRE05 standing in the shadows near hostile Analysts and Martyrs.

Two years later (in 1984), the Experiment was repeated. Results were nearly the same, though during the retest the violence spread throughout the entire facility. 46 out of the current 102 Archivists were killed in total.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Gifted

From the Sacred Text:

"Those who have lost their memories to Him may sometimes be chosen to receive His Blessing.
Memories of childhood flow into their minds,
But it is not their childhood that they remember.
They who have received His most perfect Gift may know the memories of another
And thus gain greater understanding and greater knowledge.
These chosen, these Gifted, are the greatest among us.
They are the Grandfather's favorites, and His realm is theirs to traverse."

I am Gifted. The John Kramer Transcript was written by me, a transcribing of the memories that I received from the Grandfather. Among us here at the Archive, the Gifted are held in high esteem, and though I am not one of the Alphas or the Betas, I am still seen as a leader or hero of sorts. This blog was my idea. I felt that people should know what was out there, even if only the non-classified data. I won't lie: this blog has made me some enemies, especially among the Brokers, who would gladly put a pricetag on all of this, classified or not. But none of the other six Alphas, aside from Broker Alpha, opposed my plan. They gave me permission to write this blog because I am Gifted, and therefore seen as chosen.

I became Gifted five years ago. Back then I was designated Martyr Epsilon, so I was basically a Black-Ops soldier. A Broker had gone rogue, and my squad had been sent to bring him in or, failing that, eliminate him. You don't leave the Archive. Not ever.

It was a library at some university where we found him. We'd split up and were moving through the library when I practically walked right into him. He wasn't looking at me. He was just staring at the darkness. It was night, the lights were all off...

And there he was. The Grandfather. He approached the Broker I had been sent to find, and he reached out his hand and laid it on the Broker's shoulder. My quarry choked and coughed as if he had dust in his throat (and I think he did). His hair turned gray, turned white, fell from his head. His skin turned wrinkly, livery. His body weakened and stooped. His bones cracked and creaked.

And then pieces of hims began to fall off. His skin turned to dust and his bones turned to stone. He crumpled into nothingness, and the Grandfather turned his attention to me.

I think I screamed. A flood of memories just poured into my mind. Memories that were not mine, but which felt so real and so clear. By the time my team found me, the Granfather had gone. I was re-designated as a Scribe and given the task of transcribing my new memories. As I did, their intensity faded. Now that it has all been written down, I can barely remember that boy's childhood anymore.

The memories are still there, but they're distant now, and no longer feel as if they were mine. I've been Scribe Sigma since then, and everyone seems to regard me with a mixture of wariness and awe. I'm the first Gifted we've had in twenty years.


Friday, July 8, 2011

CW002: "Path of Black Leaves"

NOTE: I'm sorry I took so long to post this. Things have been REALLY hectic here this past week. I've been up and working constantly. After I finish this post I'm going straight to sleep. I just hope I don't have any nightmares. --SΣ

Designation: CW002

Common Term: Path of Black Leaves

CW002 is the Pathway utilized by PRE01 "Slender Man" and its Servants. They have been observed as being able to open portals to CW002 at will. CW002 appears as a forest shrouded in perpetual night, and all the leaves on the trees are black. Creatures wander the forest, and are said to attack travelers who do not bear PRE01's Mark. The exact nature of these creatures is unknown, as few have ever observed them and survived. Those who do not bear PRE01's Mark often find themselves weakening when traveling CW002. PRE01's Servants suffer no such ill effects.

PRE11 "Bleeding Tree" is also located within CW002. NOTE: This is one of the reasons a number of Analysts argue that PRE11 should be reclassified as a UXP, since CW002 is connected to PRE01, and PRE11 has never been observed to leave it, rather preferring to draw victims into the path. --SΣ Addendum: Recently, PRE11 was reclassified as UXP832. The classification "PRE11" now refers to the "Manufactured Newborn." --SΣ

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Seven Callings

The Archive is divided into seven groups, or "callings":

Scribes record data and are in charge of keeping track of information and keeping it up to date.

Collectors are field agents. Their job is to observe and collect data. On occasion, their work also entails recruiting new members.

Analysts are in charge of analyzing the data obtained by collectors and running experiments.

Keepers are in charge of security. They ensure the Archive's bases remain hidden and keep all Archive files secure.

Inquisitors act as the Archive's Internal Affairs. They investigate corruption within the Archive and are in charge of maintaining the Sphere.

Brokers keep the Archive running. They sell information to wealthy clients, providing the funds needed for the Archive to run.

Martyrs are the soldiers of the Archive. They are rarely deployed, but their job entails hunting down rogue agents and eliminating external threats to the Archive.

NOTE: So next update is CW002, and after that is the post about the Gifted. I've also finished adding the "Further Reading" links to the PRE posts. --SΣ

Monday, June 27, 2011


Designation Scribe Sigma found innocent of Transgression 417. After lengthy inquiry Transgression 417 was found to have been carried out by Analyst Delta, motivated by *CLASSIFIED*

Hey, guys. I'm back. Sorry for the long absence. I see that asshole IN already filled you guys in on what happened. He's one of those dicks who thinks that a little bit of authority gives him the right to do whatever he wants. Ignore him.

I don't know who this "Anchises" fellow is. Nor do I know how he posted on this blog or how he managed to get access to my personal files.

Anyway: here's the game plan. I'm certain a couple of you are a bit confused about what happened, so the next post will explain the seven different callings in the Archive. Then I think I'll do a post on CW002 since a few people were asking about that before IN arrested me. I've also got to finish adding the links to the PRE posts. Then... well, I'm trying to avoid it, but I guess I have no choice. I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you all about the Gifted or about what I really am. But it seems IN and "Anchises" let it slip anyway. So I'll put it to a vote: leave a comment and tell me if you want to know about the Gifted. And if enough people do, then I'll post the data and I'll tell you the rest of my story. --SΣ 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Designation: Scribe Sigma (formerly designated Martyr Epsilon)

Real Name: Samantha Mayhew

Encountered the Grandfather ("the Blind Man") on May 3, 1998, at the age of 16.

Received the Gift on April 17, 2006.

She has not lied to you concerning the data, merely mislead concerning her own status in the organization. She wished for you to believe that she was of lower status than she truly is. Disregard Inquisitor Nu.

I am confident that she will be found innocent and return to her work within the week.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Scribe Sigma Has Been Detained

My name is unimportant. My designation is Inquisitor Nu.

On Saturday, a very wealthy client purchased certain information from the Archive pertaining to PRE10. The information he purchased was faulty. It stated that PRE10 could be repelled if it was dismembered. The client hired two bodyguards and confronted PRE10, and had the guards riddle PRE10 with bullets before going in with machetes.

Four entities present. Three ended up in pieces. And guess what? The dog wasn't one of them.

The information was sold to the client by Broker Epsilon. It was pulled from the database by Scribe Sigma. One of them most likely altered the data at some point. Both have been detained and are being questioned. Some in our organization find it hard to believe that a Gifted would betray us, but Gifted have gone bad before.

Bottom line: If she's innocent, we will allow SΣ to continue her little pet project. If not, it's the Sphere for her.

I don't know why you would care, anyway. Looking at these posts, she's clearly not being completely honest with you. Oh, she hasn't outright lied of course. "Given this job by my superiors"? I suppose that's true, but only because she requested it.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

PRE14: "Ichor"

Designation: PRE14

Colloquial Terms: The Ichor, Scylla, Filament, Salmacis, Loom, The Flesh of the Other, The Invading Ink, DROWNING (NOTE: Recently, the name "Epping AquaTarkus" or "EAT" has become quite popular, though we have not added it to our database --SΣ)

Physical Characteristics: Body appears to be made of a clear, tasteless liquid, similar to water. It has been observed to reach out of its liquid state via the use of thin white tentacles. When enough of these tentacles wind together, a large blue-tinted mass is the result.

Behavioral Characteristics: Operates by replacing water with its own "body". When the "ink" of PRE14 is consumed by an organism, that organism begins to undergo a metamorphosis. Common symptoms include developing obsessions, hallucinations, and, in some rare cases, hydrophobia. Once enough "ink" is consumed, the organism shuts down and will remain in one place until another organism of the same species makes contact. The organism which has consumed the "ink", designated in either the P14A00 or P14B00 series (commonly referred to as a "Camper"), will then begin a slow process of learning behaviors from the non-infected organism. Once the "Camper" has learned enough, it becomes a part of PRE14's consciousness.

NOTE: From now on, I'm going to be adding "Further Reading" links to the end of PRE pages. This will be the first, but I will retroactively add links to previous pages. --SΣ

Further Reading:  The blog Jordan Eats Normally Now seems to primarily deal with PRE14. This post in "Closest to the Sun" provides an eyewitness account of the Camper learning process.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PRE13: "Convocation"

Designation: PRE13

Colloquial Terms: The Convocation, The Storm, The Flock, Thunderbirds, Ziz, Roc, FEATHERED

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a large group of birds of various species. Mysterious "giant birds" have reportedly been sighted among large enough gatherings (NOTE: Archive Analysts believe those giant bird manifestations to be the inspiration for all sorts of legends, ranging from Thunderbirds to Rocs. --SΣ)

Behavioral Characteristics: Despite being spread over numerous bodies, it appears to possess only one mind. In large gatherings, static is often observed being discharged into the air. Has been known to attack humans. Sometimes observed leaving threatening messages for the intended victim, usually through the use of a human servant. Servants are used as nests, keeping birds within their own bodies.

Servants (NOTE: Or "nests" --SΣ) of PRE13 are designated under the P13A00 series.

Further Reading: The blog "The Darkling Thrush", as well as this story here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

CW001: "Godsway"

Designation: CW001

Common Term: Godsway

CW001 is the Pathway that only PREs can access. Servants are unable to enter. No information concerning to geography of CW001 exists. When using CW001, the PRE appears to vanish from one location and reappear in another. How it is opened is unknown.

NOTE: So, I assume that if you're reading this, you're already familiar with stories about at least a few PREs; likely PRE01 or PRE02. And you probably know about their so-called "teleportation." Well, that's the Godsway. --SΣ

Sunday, June 5, 2011

PRE12: "Plague Doctor"

Designation: PRE12

Colloquial Terms: The Plague Doctor, Scourge, Doktor, Agony, Tengu, The Bird Faced One, The Carnival's Shadow, DECAY

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a mid-height man in a long dark robe and a bird-like mask (NOTE: He looks basically like the historical plague doctors, hence his most popular name --SΣ). Some accounts of its appearance vary, with different reports concerning the color of the mask, and whether or not it is a mask. Records indicate that, prior to the black plague of Europe, it appeared *CLASSIFIED*

Behavioral Characteristics: Spreads disease wherever it walks, and is capable of targeting specific individuals. Fond of appearing in large groups of costumed people, spreading various diseases among them (NOTE: He seems to enjoy Carnival in particular. There are tons of sightings during that celebration. --SΣ). Accounts of its speech are varied. Some have claimed that PRE12 makes no sound, others have claimed to have heard a low chuckling in its presence, and a select few have claimed to have heard it formulate speech. Some accounts have plants withering away as PRE12 walks past them.

Further Reading: This account links PRE12 to the Ticonderogo "Fever Ship" incident. The blog Quiet Cacophony appears to be written by a victim of PRE12, but we are not sure at the time of this writing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The John Kramer Transcript

NOTE: Below are excerpts from the memories of a boy named John Kramer. The events detailed are 100% accurate. I should know; I transcribed them myself. --SΣ

Age: 5 // It is a warm summer's night and John lays in bed

There is a man outside my window. He is tall and wears a suit and is really pale.

Age: 7 // It is a cold day in fall and John's school is just letting out

That stupidhead Billy is so mean to me! He tripped me and called me bad words. I hope he disappears like Cindy and Ryan.

Age: 7 // It is a cold winter day and John is playing out in the snow

It's so cold. I wanna build a snowman. How do I roll this big snowball up? It's really cold. But I don't want to get more clothes. There's a boy over there. I wonder if he wants to play with me? He's coming over and smiling. Wow! His face looks like it's been frozen! He's helping me build my snowman! I ask him what his name is and he just smiles. That's rude. My name is John! But this boy won't tell me his name!

Age: 7 // The night of the day that the previous memory takes place

Daddy won't talk to me. I want him to read me a story but he doesn't want to. Mommy says he's "stressed". Is that bad?

Age: 7 // Three days after the previous memory

The boy with the weird face is outside and I think he was talking to Daddy when he got home.

Age: 8 // Early spring

Yay! It's my birthday party! All my friends are here and Mommy is too! But I don't see Daddy anywhere. He said he'd be here, but I don't see him.

Age: 8 // A week after the previous memory

Daddy, where are you? Mommy is sad and I'm sad and we want you to come back please Daddy!

Age: 9 // A cold winter's day

I think I see Daddy outside. He looks really cold. Daddy, where did you go? Where you going? Daddy, come back! Who's that boy with you, Daddy? Did you get a new son? Daddy?

Do you love him more than me?

NOTE: Those are all the relevant excerpts of John's memories. The first two clearly indicate that PRE01 "Slender Man" was active in the area around where John lived, but for some reason did not target him. All the others seem to deal with PRE08 "Cold Boy". --SΣ

Thursday, June 2, 2011


NOTE: Three things to note here. First, I know what you're thinking and I agree. "STAB " is the silliest name for a government organization I have ever heard. Secondly, to help prevent confusion, I'm gonna start adding relevant links to posts. Thirdly, since the file on this is a jumbled mess of classified and non-classified data, I'm just going to write a summary --SΣ

The Supernatural Threat Analysis Bureau ("STAB") is a secret arm of the American government founded to combat and study supernatural forces. It's operatives will often act as if they are a part of the FBI or CIA, and indeed many of them believe that they do work for either of those. The most obvious of these are Fisk and his men (see here), though they are far from the only parts of the branch.

The SMSC is a branch of STAB that attempts to study and fight back against the PREs. Their codenames are taken from David Bowie songs.

There's also another branch, fairly recent, which was founded by a fellow named Rivers. Even the name of this branch is classified, though the organization has been nicknamed "The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" after the Beatles. (See the blogs of Peter and John Rivers). Sgt. Pepper's tends to take a more directly aggressive approach to PREs.

There are other branches of STAB. But these are the important ones.

STAB has been known work with the international organization the PTC (see this), though for the most part the two groups tend to stay out of each other's way.

The Archive has sold information to all branches of STAB in the past.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UXP832: "Bleeding Tree"

NOTE: Until recently this was classified as PRE11. It has since been reclassified, and the designation of PRE11 has been given to another entity. "UXP" means "Unexplained Phenomenon" --SΣ

Designation: UXP832

Colloquial Terms: The Bleeding Tree, The Face in the Forest, The Tree of Madness

Physical Description: Appears as a tree of black leaves as found in CW002 (NOTE: The Path of Black Leaves --SΣ). However, a large human-like face grows from it, and corpses hang from its limbs.

Behavioral Characteristics: *CLASSIFIED*

Further Reading: The blog "The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man"

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Daniels Tape

NOTE: This video was collected in 1999 from a photographer named Timothy Daniels. It was on a tape he had left behind in his home. The tape was discovered three days after his disappearance. It's one of the few pieces of video evidence concerning PRE06 --SΣ

Sunday, May 29, 2011

P05B04: "The Jester"

NOTE: The P05A00 and P05B00 series refer to those controlled by PRE05. The difference is that the A series possesses no free will and is entirely enslaved to PRE05 and the B series possesses some degree of autonomy. --SΣ
cheat code: the third word is "big"
Designation: P05B04

Aliases: The Jester, The Mummer, The Fool, The Joker, The Mime

Physical Characteristics: A male in either his late twenties or early thirties. Caucasian. Short brown hair and tanned skin. Wears a mask that is reminiscent of a clown's face.

History of Activity: Records of P05B04 are confused and unclear. First believed to have been sighted in Sussex, England in 1889. Has appeared sporadically throughout history. It is unclear whether this is the same individual or if the mask and identity are passed on to different people. Has never been observed to speak and does not seem to be employed in any specific type of assignments. Has been connected to murders, robberies, and kidnappings throughout the twentieth century. Last recorded sighting was *CLASSIFIED*

NOTE: We've actually managed to obtain a mugshot of him, and for once it's not classified. --

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PRE10: "Black Dog"

Designation: PRE10

Colloquial Terms: The Black Dog, Haunter, Garm, Nighthound, Grim, Seamus, Harbinger, SEEKER

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a large black dog. The ears are pointed and the snout is elongated. The eyes appear as either black or red. Muscular body structure. Size changes, ranging from four feet (1.22 meters) tall to nearly ten feet (3 meters) tall.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often seeks out people with long kept secrets. Will bring its victim objects which somehow relate to that secret, goading them into revealing it. Has been observed to outright attack victims who do not reveal their secrets soon enough. Is occasionally seen working with other PREs, often acting as a herald and preparing the way for the PREs appearance. Has been known to sniff out secrets for PREs to use against their victims, either to destroy the victim's psyche or to manipulate the victim for the purposes of the Game.

Further Reading: This account of a man hunted by PRE10. See also the blog "Gaining Perspective"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Experiment 144

NOTE: Experiments 108-143 are classified --SΣ

 Designation: Experiment 144

Purpose: To determine if proximity to PRE06 Doors has any adverse effects on PRE09

Data: Archive Analysts created a "light cage" to capture a body of PRE09. The "light cage" was constructed using data gathered from Experiment 113. After confirming the appearance of a Door, Analysts transported the cage and PRE09 to its location. All monitoring equipment was damaged. All Analysts present on site were found in vegetative states. No sign of the Door. No sign of PRE09. Location of Experiment 144 has been quarantined and designated G004. No object has been observed casting a shadow in G004 since Experiment 144 was carried out. Three of the original seven Analysts remain alive, but in a vegetative state. They have not cast shadows since Experiment 144 was carried out.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

PRE09: "Shadow People"

Designation: PRE09

Colloquial Terms: Shadow People, Shadow Cartographers, Shadowgraphers, Impressions, Regulars, The Miracle, SILHOUETTE

Physical Characteristics: They appear as multiple shadows, usually in the shape of humans, but they are able to alter their forms. Like PRE07, seem to be multiple beings.

Behavioral Characteristics: Rarely hostile. Seem to detest changes in an environment, and will move objects back to their original places (NOTE: So if you, say, rearrange your furniture, PRE09 may put it all back to how it was before -- SΣ). Have been observed to shy away from Doors leading to PRE06. One current theory is that they are *CLASSIFIED* 

Further Reading: The blog "Ontological"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PRE08: "Cold Boy"

Designation: PRE08

Colloquial Terms: The Cold Boy, CHILD, Glass, Frost, Cryme

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a small male human child with skin made of ice. Face is often described as blurred and difficult to make out.

Behavioral Characteristics: Seems to target individuals who are cut off from others. One of the few PREs who has been routinely observed speaking directly to humans, often speaking in the form of nursery rhymes. Has the ability to lower temperature, often killing his victim's through the cold. Some victims, however, are instead *CLASSIFIED*

 Further Reading: This chatlog, as well as the blogs "brighter than a spoon" and "The Ripeness is All"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PRE07: "Choir"

Designation: PRE07

Colloquial Terms: The Choir, Echo, Chorus, Static, Distortion, SHRIEKING

Physical Characteristics: Appears to be multiple entities, similar to PRE09. Each individual body is shadowy and in the rough shape of a human. Gray in color.

Behavioral Characteristics: Possesses control over soundwaves. PRE07 is able to alter the way people hear, putting words into the mouths of others. They usually use this ability to slowly drive their victims into madness, but have been observed making more direct attacks by employing high pitched siren-like sounds that rupture victim's eardrums, shatter glass, and/or hemorrhage the victim's brain. NOTE: I've actually seen this first-hand. One of the guys I trained with was found dead in his room about two years ago, with blood and gunk flowing out of his ears. Apparently, he'd done something to piss these guys off. -- SΣ

Further Reading: This account of a boy being targeted, this post on the blog "They Sought it with Thimbles", this post from the blog "Ontological", and PRE07's presence is made obvious when comparing this post from "Hidden in the Trees" to this post from "Still Remains Within"

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Grandfather's Rite

From the Sacred Text:

"And when I looked into the Grandfather's eyeless face,
when I saw my childhood and memories fade away from my body and into His
glory, I felt at peace.
I knew that I had lost years of experience, but I did not care.
Instead, I resolved to replace all that experience. I would assimilate
knowledge, following in the Grandfather's footsteps.
For the Grandfather is the ultimate collector of knowledge,
and through Him all knowledge must flow."

From the Archive Codex:

"None may join with us who have not met the Grandfather.
To become one of us, one must first seek out the Grandfather
and give unto Him a piece of oneself.
Only then may one be eligible to join with the Archive."

NOTE: So basically what all this means is that, in order to join the Archive, you have to lose your childhood to the Grandfather. He's usually found in libraries, but he's been seen in other places too.

Me? I met the Grandfather for the first time when I was 16. It was back in 1998, and I had some essay due. So I went to the library to study. There I met an old man who asked me my name. I was kind of confused, but I told him anyway. He wrote it down in a book he was carrying and walked away. It wasn't until after he was gone that I realized the man was blind, and it wasn't until after I'd gotten home and seen all those unfamiliar framed photographs on the wall that I realized that I'd lost all memory of the first 13 years of my life. That's what the Grandfather does-- he collects childhoods.

I eventually met a man calling himself Collector Delta. He taught me amazing things about the Grandfather and told me about the Archive. There was little left for me at home-- only three years worth of memories-- so I decided to leave with CΔ and join the Archive. Paul, my boyfriend, tried to stop me. He said that the Archive was just a cult and that I needed help from a hospital. He told me he wouldn't let me leave with CΔ.

He was the first person I ever killed. --SΣ

PRE06: "Empty City"

Designation: PRE06

Colloquial Terms: The Empty City, The City, Metropolis, City of Empty Shadows, The World Beyond the Doors, DEVOURER

Physical Characteristics: PRE06 is a genius loci in the form a large, empty city (NOTE: For those of who don't know what genius loci means, this basically means that PRE06 is a city that is living and intelligent --SΣ). It seems to exist outside our own reality. It manifests in our reality via "Doors" which can appear anywhere and anytime.

Behavioral Characteristics: The Doors can manifest anywhere and will usually (though not always) remain in existence until someone has opened one and stepped through it, whereupon the Door will slam shut and the gateway to PRE06 will vanish. Once inside, victims are left to wander until the day they die. PRE06 continuously shifts its shape and structure to keep victims lost. (NOTE: Yeah, I know, I was skeptical at first too. You're probably wondering where this information came from. Well, it turns out that other PREs use PRE06 as a meeting ground and will occasionally bring their human servants along. Most of our data on PRE06 comes from those servants- --SΣ)

Further Reading: This newspaper clipping, the blog "Out of the Spent and Unconsidered Earth", and the blog "Ontological"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Experiment 107

NOTE: Experiments 001 - 106 are all classified documents --SΣ

Designation: Experiment 107

Purpose: To determine if there are any physiological differences between normal humans and P01A00 series designations. NOTE: The ones usually called the Hallowed. They first started showing up in the eighties. We captured a few for this particular experiments. I'm told they were a lot more docile than most test subjects. --SΣ

Data: Five volunteers were vivisected. Results were then compared to vivisection of P01A09 and P01A12. Presence of black liquid confirmed in P01A09's and P01A12's bloodstreams. No other physiological differences noted. All seven subjects confirmed dead within 12 hours.

PRE05: "Wooden Girl"

Designation: PRE05

Colloquial Terms: The Wooden Girl, Harlequin, PUPPETEER, Splinter, String-Mistress, Queen of Threads, Kathputli, Manipulator, Marionette

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a life-size wooden marionette with strings wrapped around her. Always appears as female, though the exact appearance has changed many times throughout history. This is because *CLASSIFIED*

Behavioral Characteristics:  Exerts complete control over her subjects via the use of invisible and intangible "Strings". Those enthralled by PRE05 are designated under the P05A00 and P05B00 series.

Further Reading: The blog "Debasing the Beef Canoe", this post from the blog "Hidden in the Trees", and the blog "A Tangled Web"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

PRE04: "Grandfather"

Designation: PRE04



NOTE: I am given to understand that the Grandfather is also commonly called the Blind Man or ELDER. --SΣ

PRE03: "Archangel"

Designation: PRE03

Colloquial Terms: The Archangel, Coda, Sanctuary, Hourless, Piper

Physical Characteristics: None

Behavioral Characteristics: Uses the forms of the deceased to interact with the physical world. Seems to favor the form of an unknown male in a black hooded jacket and a gas mask. Often will assault humans for the purpose of increasing its supply of possible forms. Has never been observed to audibly speak, but has been known to communicate via writing. All letters are written in lower-case with the exception of words referring to other PREs, wherein letters are all capitalized. Like PRE01, a symbol has been observed to manifest around it. The Seal of the Archangel (NOTE: It seems to have become popular to call this symbol the Twin Triangles --SΣ) appears as two triangles which mirror one another and are superimposed on one another. Similarities to the Star of David have been noted. From observations it seems to enjoy the contest between PREs (the "Grand Game" or "Great Game") more than its fellows. It is believed *CLASSIFIED* NOTE: While the nature of PRE03 is classified within this organization, it seems to be becoming more widely known due to the activities of P01E07, who goes by the name of Steward --SΣ

Further Reading: The blogs Eccentrically Bored, Angels from the Grave, and Unto the Breach.

P01E01: "Redlight"

NOTE: P01E00 series designates human servants of PRE01 that do not neatly fit into theP01etc categories. So unique servants, or "proxies" as most of you probably call them --SΣ

Designation: P01E01

Aliases: "Redlight", "redlight", "r"

Physical Characteristics: Seems to be a *CLASSIFIED* who is often observed wearing a red colored hoodie.

History of Activity: First publicized appearance occurred during the kidnapping of designation SAGE-ALPHA. Prior to then *CLASSIFIED* Has been connected to designation P01E02, who seems to view him as a brother. Considered to be high-ranking among servants of PRE01. Actions are known to be slightly erratic, leading to many AP00 designations to believe that he seeks freedom from PRE01. Origin unknown. Most popular theories among Archive Analysts *CLASSIFIED* could possibly disprove the Network Theory.

NOTE: Believe it or not, we actually have pages and pages on this guy. This is literally all that I am allowed to show you. Some clarification: SAGE-ALPHA is known as Robert Sagel, P01E02 is a little girl named Cynthia, and the AP00 designation refers to the group of people usually known as "Runners" --SΣ

PRE02: "Rake"

Designation: PRE02

Colloquial Terms: The Rake, Whisperer, Pawmark, Ravage, FERAL, Fermata

Physical Characteristics: Humanoid creature that moves on all fours. Claws protrude from fingers which are often described as "knife-like". Smaller claws are sometimes observed protruding from toes. Skin is pale and hairless. Lacks both sexual organs and an anus. Teeth are all pointed. Eyes are larges, round, and black.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often is observed entering into the rooms of sleeping victims and whispering words to them. Will often turn violent if victims awaken. Is sometimes observed hunting for meat, usually targeting humans.

Further Reading: This account has made the rounds on the internet a fair bit. It's often believed to be a fictitious "creepypasta", but the woman and her story are very real (or they were. She's dead now). The blogs The Hunter, Moonlit Whispers, and Perchance to Dream also concern this creature.

PRE01: "Slender Man"

Designation: PRE01

Colloquial Terms: The Slender Man, Slenderman, "Slendy", The Tall One, The Pale King, The Gentleman, Der Großmann, STRANGER, Willow, Ash, Operator

Physical Characteristics: Often takes form of tall humanoid creature with no face and wearing a black suit. The color of its tie alternates between black and red. Tentacles are often observed as manifesting from its body. Sometimes replacing its arms.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often hunts its prey in a manner similar to a cat in that it toys with its victims before delivering the death blow. This playfulness can last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. Often targets children. In recent years has begun to gather human followers, likely as a response to the increased human resistance to it. Has never been observed to speak. As of May 21, 2011, has been in on peaceful terms with PRE05 for 96 years. NOTE: Basically that means that it's in an alliance with the Wooden Girl --SΣ So-called "Operator Symbols" have been observed to appear in its presence. The purpose of these symbols is *CLASSIFIED*

Human servants designated under P01A00, P01B00, P01C00, P01D00, and P01E00 categories.

Further Reading: Just look around, seriously, I'm willing to bet that, if you're reading this, you've already heard of PRE01


This blog was created for the purpose of releasing the public records of the Archive.

The Archive's Mission Statement: The collection of data concerning the Phobic Representational Entities (henceforth referred to as PREs)

Most records are classified. Unclassified records will be released via this blog.

This blog shall be maintained by worker designated Scribe Sigma.

NOTE: Hello everybody, I'm Scribe Sigma, and they just gave me the job of maintaining this blog. I'm sorry I can't post anything that's labeled as classified, but I'll do my best to get as much information out to you all as possible! --SΣ