Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UXP832: "Bleeding Tree"

NOTE: Until recently this was classified as PRE11. It has since been reclassified, and the designation of PRE11 has been given to another entity. "UXP" means "Unexplained Phenomenon" --SΣ

Designation: UXP832

Colloquial Terms: The Bleeding Tree, The Face in the Forest, The Tree of Madness

Physical Description: Appears as a tree of black leaves as found in CW002 (NOTE: The Path of Black Leaves --SΣ). However, a large human-like face grows from it, and corpses hang from its limbs.

Behavioral Characteristics: *CLASSIFIED*

Further Reading: The blog "The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man"


  1. Cool, seems very interesting


    It's getting slightly irritating to go back through previous posts and find what is what...

  2. If you are referring to CW002, I have not yet published a post on it. I will add a brief explanation to this post now.

  3. Kind of reminds me of the trees in that game Mortal Kombat.

  4. As the name suggests, it also bleeds, if you didn't get that.

  5. ...And shaved wood wouldn't have a face...

    Slendy - Black humanoid body with no face

    Bleeding Tree - Black tree with a human face

    Are the two related, by any chance?