Friday, September 2, 2011


Be careful.

When it comes to placing your trust, be frugal.

The seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208, are beginning to bear fruit.



  1. Experiment 208?
    If you already have a post on this, I apologize. I am too lazy to find it.

  2. Kobalos. A quick glance at the Experiment Data we have access to on this blog reveals no Experiment 208.

    And we're not likely get much information on it except for likely the crazed writings of someone who has either
    a) decided that this organization has proverbially opened Pandoras box and as such wants to warn us.
    b) legitimate traitor decides to post some writings. (rare but possible)
    or c) more cryptic messages like this where we get no information in the least.

    Honestly Anchises if you want to warn us properly you should tell us what is going on so we don't accidentally do the very thing you want us guarded against.

    Being mysterious gets people killed.

  3. It was the creation of he-who-is-smiling.
    For science.