Monday, October 29, 2012

UXP138: "Jack of All"

Designation: UXP138

Description: UXP138 appears as a man with a red hand. Details such as age, race, height, weight, and even whether the hand is truly red or merely in a red glove vary from sighting to sighting. UXP138 always introduces himself by the name "Jack," and, depending on the situation, will either offer his target a deal of some sort or attempt to grant a target's wishes.

Results of UXP138's actions are rarely to the target's liking.

UXP138 has gone by numerous names, including, but no limited to:

  • Jack of All
  • Jack in Irons
  • Jack of the Red Right Hand
  • Spring-Heeled Jack
  • Old Jack
  • Jack of the Lantern
  • Red Jack
  • Jack the Knave
  • Jack the Knife
  • Smiling Jack
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Jack of Mind
  • Jack the Hand

UXP138 appears to have some connection to the PREs. However, he does not appear to serve any particular PRE and has been known to seemingly go against their wishes. A common belief is that UXP138 acts in the interest of causing general chaos, or simply for his own amusement.

NOTE: If you believe you are in presence of Jack of All, say nothing. Anything you say could be construed as a wish or an agreement. Just stay quiet and walk away. --SΣ

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UXP023: "Poltergeists"

NOTE: You know the drill by now. Sorry, I've been busy etc. --SΣ

 Designation: UXP023

Description: Manifests as an unseen presence, often confined to a certain area and capable of manipulating solid objects. Behavior varies on a case-by-case basis.

Numerous hypotheses have been put forth to explain UXP023: souls rejected by PRE03 "Archangel" (or souls which have rejected PRE03). Manifestations of beings on other realities, manipulating matter on a different reality as a result of Dimensional Bleeding. Psychic residue left by someone with a strong connection to a particular place. Whatever the reason, UXP023 is rarely dangerous.

Strangely, in 92% of the recorded cases of UXP023 coming into contact with a PRE, UXP023 became docile for the duration of the PRE's presence. In the remaining 7% of cases, UXP023 instead became extraordinarily active and seemingly aggressive.

Approach with caution.

Monday, September 17, 2012

PRE 22: "Smiling Man"

Designation: PRE22

Colloquial Terms: The Smiling Man, The Grinning Man, STALKER, Rosebud, Sisyphus, The Rapturous, Loverboy, Lovers, The Suitor, The Gardener, Carrot Top, False Eyes, Rictus, The Dancer

Physical Description: Appears as a man with wild red hair. His face is often described as difficult to look at, as it does not seem to follow common geometrical laws. His smile is wider than his face and his eyes are so "impossible" that those who look at them directly often experience minor brain damage.

Behavioral Characteristics: While PRE22 seems to most commonly target young women, it is not unheard of for him to target individuals of different ages and genders. PRE22 usually announces his presence by leaving flowers for his targets and watching them from afar. Then, when they are alone, he abducts them. What happens after is unclear, as the few victims who resurface are often so traumatized by their experiences that they can't give a coherent account. PRE22 has also been observed to exhibit some control over flowers.

PRE22's domain is known as the Flower Fields.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Panopticon

The Panopticon is a recent organization dedicated to eradicating the PREs. The organization was originally born from a US government think-tank, but has since broken off from Washington and become its own entity.

The group operates under the belief that PREs are "meme complexes", born from widespread belief in them. More extreme corners of the organization believe that the PREs are not real at all, but rather the product of mass hallucination. While they were originally founded to combat PRE01 "Slender Man", they have since expanded to combat belief in other PREs as well.

Panopticon agents operate by abducting those who have encountered PREs and forcing them to undergo mental conditioning. Abductees are placed under heavy hypnosis and intense psycho-therapy designed to convince them that the PREs are not real, and are merely the products of their own minds. In areas with heavy PRE activity, agents will often place propaganda posters, reassuring victims that they are safe, often using slogans such as "This is the best of all possible worlds."

The Panopticon is considered a Class 4 threat by the Archive, and Collectors are advised to always be on the lookout for Panopticon posters. They should also endeavor to keep a low-profile and blend in with the crowd, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"The Image I Cast"

The following poem was written by a woman named Lara Treme. The poem was found in her home in Wisconsin in 1987, during an investigation into Ms. Treme's disappearance. She was never found. --SΣ

 "The Image I Cast"
by Lara Treme

In the dark, my image beckoned,
And she called me into Her realm.
I found more than I had reckoned
Behind the glass, in sand, in sound.

In the garden of truth and sand,
Others gathered, called by phantoms.
O, ye mighty, desolate land,
Take me and reflect my actions.

In that heat, there was naught to eat,
And so my meal I had to take
From flesh and bone and hands and feet
And from skin I created shade.

They ran. They ran. They ran. They ran.
But they were fools to run from me.
They were fools to run from Her.
They were fools to run from them.
Run but never be free.
Run and know agony.
They catch you for they are shadows
They are reflections
The image you cast
It sees all.
You cannot
Is impossible.



Give up.

And She let me from Her garden.
She let me go and let me live.
For now I have earned Her pardon.
And so now scales cover my skin.

Cover my sin.

In the mirror,
I live in sin.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PRE21: "Grotesque"

Designation: PRE21

Colloquial Terms: The Grotesque, the Reverie, Somnivore, Oneirophage, the Living Nightmare, the Restless Dream, the Dark Carnival, Eternal Waking, DREAM, Phobetor

Physical Description: PRE21 has none

Behavioral Characteristics: Appears to be a sort of sentient nightmare that infects victims while they sleep. Those who have been attacked by PRE21 often report bizarre and horrifying dreams that left them in a state of terror and unease even after waking. Victims also often develop sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and (most commonly) somnambulism. In certain rare cases, victims have suffered permanent brain damage as a result of an attack.

Victims commonly report their dreams as taking the form of a large and grandiose circus, with all sorts of strange and exotic acts. However, this is by no means universal. Some victims have hallucinated clowns, freaks, and other such circus folk following them in their daily, waking life.

It is commonly believed that PRE21 is capable of trapping its victims in an eternal sleep, not unlike a coma. For obvious reasons, this has never been verified.

Monday, July 2, 2012

PRE20: "Mother of Snakes"

Designation: PRE20

Colloquial Terms: The Mother of Snakes, the Serpent of Eden, Lamia, Echidna, Abyzou, Naga Kanya, The Lady of Shining Scales, The Salvation, The Serpentine Mother, The Sinuous Mother, The Darkening Mirror, The Mother of All Lamentations, The Temptation, SLITHERER, Mistress of Mirrors

Physical Description: PRE20 is often described as a woman with snake-like features. The exact details, such as scales, shape of pupils, whether she has hair, facial structure, and whether she has a tail or legs, tend to vary between different accounts. One thing most accounts agree on is that she tends to only be seen in mirrors.

Behavioral Characteristics: PRE20 appears to her victims through mirrors. She often shows them images of themselves, but twisted and monstrous. These images often reflect the darker aspects of her victims' personalities in some way. Victims of PRE20 tend to become increasingly paranoid, and develop of fear of mirrors. They also have a tendency to become increasingly self-loathing, often to the point of developing suicidal tendencies. In some cases, PRE20 has been observed to pull victims into the mirror with her. She has also displayed the ability to control and command all manner of snakes.

Servants of PRE20 are called Lilim, and are almost all women who have been pulled into the mirror by her. PRE20's domain is the Garden of Desolation.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Iceberg Theory

This is another "Sigma Summarizes Information Because It's All So Complicated And In-Depth" posts.

Iceberg Theory was first proposed in the Archive in 1952. It has since become the leading theory concerning the nature of the PREs.

The premise of Iceberg Theory is simple: There is only one of each PRE in all universes. However, the PREs, in their true forms, are so vast and immense that only a small piece can be seen and experienced. A piece protrudes into each universe, just like only the tip of an iceberg protrudes over the water.

For example, taking the phenomenon of Dimensional Bleeding into account, there are conflicting reports regarding PRE05 "Wooden Girl". Some accounts have her appearing as a literal puppet, others have her as a human covered in wooden armor. Some have heard her speak, others claim that she never speaks. Some reports claim that her servants are divided into a rigid structure, other reports claim that she keeps her servants in a chaotic, Darwinian system. Dimensional Bleeding explains these various accounts as occurring in different realities. According to Iceberg Theory, however, despite these accounts taking place in different universes, with PRE05 showing radically different behavior, there is still only one PRE05. The versions of PRE05 observed in each reality are merely parts of the whole.

It's like if you took four small vitamin cups, filled them with water, and placed them all side by side. Then you put your hand down there so that each finger was in a different cup. Your fingers, while similar, are still different. So while a part of you is in each cup, it's not the same part. Well, imagine the cups are universes, and imagine you are PRE05. Your fingers are what the denizens of each universe encounter.

That's right: according to Iceberg Theory, the PREs, no matter how powerful or vast they seem, are merely fingers of a greater being.

There's also an offshoot known as the Multi-Tipped Iceberg Hypothesis, which goes even further: all the PREs are in fact extensions of the same being.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm sorry I've been so silent the past few months. Actual work was taking priority. You can expect new updates soon.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UXP417: "Dimensional Bleeding"

NOTE: Some of you may have already seen my interview with Dia Renalda. In it, I mentioned the phenomenon known as "dimensional bleeding", but didn't explain. So here's an explanation now. --SΣ

Designation: UXP417

Description: This is the phenomenon that causes parallel realities to "bleed" into one another, allowing people living in different universes to interact, and causing a number of inconsistencies, particularly with the appearance and behavior of PREs. "Dimensional Bleeding," as the phenomenon is colloquially known, is usually most noticeable in the presence of a PRE.

There are a number of hypotheses among Archive Analysts regarding the source of this phenomenon: some believe that the PREs, by their very presence, cause a breakdown in reality. Others hypothesize that it is the opening of Pathways that weakens the boundaries between universes. Still, there are some who believe that the phenomenon is solely a side-effect of PRE19 "Quiet".

Monday, February 13, 2012

PRE19: "Quiet"

Designation: PRE19

Colloquial Terms: The Quiet, The Unmaking, The Silent Void, The Screaming Darkness, The Starless Night, Rest, The All-Consuming Void, ENDING

Physical Description: PRE19 is defined by the complete absence of physical description

Behavioral Characteristics: It is believed that PRE19 came into existence in an alternate reality, as a result of that universe being torn in some way. PRE19 is nothingness. It is a void defined as the opposite of existence, which spreads across universes and consumes them. While it does pass from reality to reality, some "tendrils" of it can be sighted in different universes, erasing various things from existence.

Further Reading: This post from the blog "brighter than a spoon" as well as this blog.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CW007: "Bliss"

NOTE: This thing is just barely recognized as an actual Pathway. Hell, even a lot of Analysts and Scribes question its existence. The fact that all our information on it comes from about seven total accounts probably has something to do with it. Though these are accounts from people all over the world who lived in different time periods, so... take from that what you will. Whether you believe this or not is up to; I don't care. --SΣ

Designation: CW007

Common Term: Bliss 

CW007 is a relatively mysterious domain, believed to belong to PRE03 "Archangel." Reports concerning it are exceedingly rare, as PRE03 rarely shows an active interest in the lives of its Servants, who are mostly composed of cultists.

Each report on this location has been identical. The witnesses all found themselves floating in darkness, and described being surrounded by a comforting and familiar presence. Each described a feeling of total calm and absolute peace. However, after a few hours of experiencing this sensation, the witnesses were abruptly pulled from it by what they described as "rough hands with too many and too-long fingers."

Each witness suffered from severe depression following the experience, and eventually they all took their own lives.

Friday, February 3, 2012

P12A00 and P12B00 series: "Oathbreakers"

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. I'll celebrate with a bottle of champagne. --SΣ

There are certain people involved with the medical profession who show a sort of loyalty and reverence to PRE12 "Plague Doctor". These people are informally called "Oathbreakers," in reference to the Hippocratic Oath.

Those designated with the P12A00 series are considered "lesser Oathbreakers," though they are also often called "Plague Bearers" and "Night Surgeons." They often tattoo a symbol known as the Stick and the Serpent on some part of their body, and work to ensure the spread of disease. They often work as back-alley doctors, pharmaceutical salespeople, and nurses. Aside from subtly working to infect their patients, they seem function completely normally as average members of society.

Those designated with the P12B00 series are considered "greater Oathbreakers," and are often called "Mad Doctors." They often occupy higher positions in the medical community than the P12A00 designations, being surgeons, doctors, and scientists. They are also often more specialized in their approach to causing infection than P12A00 designations are. "Greater Oathbreakers" will often experiment to find new ways of causing infection and use their patients as guinea pigs for these experiments.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tower TV

How many people even read this? Does this information help anyone, or is it too vague to be useful? Without the classified sections, is this information worthless? Ah, hell, I don't know. I didn't use to think about stuff like this. I just updated this little blog like it actually meant something. Day in and day out, the same little routine. Nice and cozy and comfortable and safe. No one ever got torn apart by shadows or tried to stick demon fetuses in me or shit like that. Anyway, Tower TV, yeah. --

The existence of Tower TV was first noticed in the year 1969. Rumors of the channel began circulating around the children of a number of seemingly random cities across the globe. The rumors only lasted for a single summer, full of children whispering tales of a tv channel that aired shows about monsters stalking and killing and torturing humans, and puppet shows where the puppets would kill each other in spectacularly gory fashions. However, with the coming of winter, those rumors died down, and the stories were dismissed as simply being a scary story children told to one another for fun.

Three years later, Tower TV began to air shows again, and ran uninterrupted for the next decade. While few ever saw the mysterious channel, and its many of its shows were described as "incomprehensible" and "unwatchable," one particular program aired during this time has gained something of a cult following: Candle Cove, a show about a number of pirate-themed puppets and their adventures with a girl named Janice. While the show did not last long, it gained popularity in the 80's with a number of reruns.

The growing popularity of Candle Cove led to the show being revived in the 90's, with new puppets and a new actress portraying Janice. This show, too, was cancelled after only a few more episodes, and with its cancellation, Tower TV posted a special bulletin that the channel would not be running anymore.

In mid-2011, Tower TV returned to the air, with a third Candle Cove series as its flagship show, though a number of other shows have also aired on the channel. Few, however, have managed to match up to Candle Cove's popularity.

It seems that while only certain adults are able to perceive Tower TV, all children are capable of viewing it. Those who cannot view Tower TV see only static on the monitor when the television is turned to that channel. It is considered something of an open secret that Tower TV is connected to PRE05 "Wooden Girl", though what purpose the channel is meant to serve remains unclear.

Monday, January 23, 2012

P07A00 series: "Carriers"

Note: Due to the chaotic way this data is organized in our database, I had to write this up myself, rather than just copy and paste the non-classified bits as usual. --

On rare occasions, PRE07 "Choir" has been observed to take on physical properties, rather than remain as a "gray shadow." When this happens, the bodies of PRE07 behave in a similar manor to a fungus. In extremely rare circumstances, the fungal bodies will release spores which can attach to nearby humans. A new fungal body will then begin to grow on the victim's skin. Those who are infected with the fungus are always tormented by PRE07's ability to alter soundwaves, with many victims reporting hearing voices right next to their ears at all times. Madness is quick to follow.

These victims are designated as part of the P07A00 series, and are informally called "Carriers." (Note: They are also commonly called "Grayskins." --SΣ)

After a few weeks of infection, the "Carrier" will always die, and the fungus will leave the corpse. It has been theorized by some Analysts that this infection is how PRE07 reproduces.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PRE18: "Unnamed Child"

Note: Since things have finally calmed down, I'm hoping to get this blog back to business as usual. I'm doing fine, by the way. No need to worry about me. --SΣ

Designation: PRE18

Colloquial Terms: The Unnamed Child, The Lost Girl, Precious, Darling, The Daughter of All, OFFSPRING, Little Nameless

Physical Description: Appears as a young girl, about six to eight years of age. Exact physical characteristics vary, but many not affected by its abilities describe its face as being wrong somehow, with subtly off proportions. Those who are affected do not seem notice these characteristics.

Behavioral Description: PRE18 will initially appear to its chosen target as a homeless little girl. It will then begin to work at the target's mind. The target will be compelled by protect and care for PRE18, and slowly will become convinced that it is his or her daughter. Over a period of time, targets will begin to see PRE18 as the most important thing in their lives, often at the expense of everyone and everything else they know. Once PRE18 is the only thing the target cares about, PRE18 will vanish, leaving the target to desperately search for it for the rest of his or her life. Throughout this whole process, PRE18 has never been observed to speak. These victims are designated as P18A00 series, or "Wanderers."

If a victim of PRE18 ever happens to find it again, then PRE18 will whisper something in their ear. What it is whispers is unknown, but those who hear PRE18 became mindlessly devoted to her, and will, as they claim, "carry out [PRE18's] will." These victims will also lose all memory of their names, and those who knew the victims will likewise fail to recall the victims' name. These victims are designated as P18B00 series, or "Nameless."

Further Reading: This blog was kept by one of her victims. This blog also features her.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ghost Signing Out

Hey all, Inquisitor Nu here.

I wanted to tell you I'm leaving the Archive. The higher ups have already given me permission. So I guess someone else will get designated as Inquisitor Nu once I'm gone.

I've decided I like the name "Ghost", so that's what I'll be calling myself from now on.

There's word of someone matching Neomaria's description who was spotted in Spain. I'll be headed there first. How she got to Spain of all places, I'll never know. But I don't care.

Do you know what it's like to be ordered to guard someone you know is just an experiment? Someone who's so innocent and sweet, and yet whose life means little to anyone?

I'll find you, Neomaria. I'll never let anyone hurt you again.

That's a promise.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Death of Analyst Alpha

I guess I should probably explain what happened, huh? I can't imagine that you guys are satisfied with that synopsis IN posted.

Like the report said, Inquisitor Alpha was killed and the Martyrs broke into the Sphere. They burst into the room I was in and, while I am certainly not helpless, they managed to capture me (three highly trained professionals versus one out of practice fighter is not fair odds). They dragged me to some cell and locked me up there.

I was in the cell for what seemed like an eternity, but then finally they came and took me from it. They brought me to a brightly lit room, where Analyst Alpha had ordered all her equipment to be taken. She had everything she needed to perform the fetal transplant. My half-sister was already there as well, strapped into a table. She looked confused and scared-- I don't think she really comprehended what was going on.

I was strapped down to a table, and Analyst Alpha walked in, wearing a white apron, a surgical mask, gloves... she was ready for the procedure. I think it was at that moment when it really sank in what she was about to do to me, and I panicked. I struggled and I screamed, but I couldn't break free of my bonds. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my neck, and realized that someone had injected me with something. I calmed down, but I stayed conscious, just... detached. It didn't seem like I was really there anymore.

I watched as Neomaria was injected with something similar, and then her mother took a pair of scissors and cut open her robe, and she took a scalpel to Neomaria's gut...

...and then there was chaos.

The instant she made the incision, Analyst Alpha was thrown back, and shadows-- physical shadows-- burst out of my sister's body. They swarmed all over the room in a fury, and I saw a portion of the shadowed mass lashing out at AA, tearing into her body and cutting into her flesh.

And just as suddenly as it began, it was over. What was left of Analyst Alpha lay splattered across the wall, and there was no trace whatsoever of the shadows or my sister.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


I apologize for how long it took for us to fill you in regarding this issue. However, I'm sure you can understand that this is a difficult situation and it has been hectic to say the least. Things have really only just recently begun to calm down.

Even now I'm strapped for time, so I'll just copy and past the public parts of the official report:

On December 9, 2011, the sixth person to bear the title of Analyst Alpha spearheaded an act of dissidence against the Archive. Without receiving proper consensus from the Council of Seven, AA secured the aid of the tenth Martyr Alpha and the seventh Broker Alpha and began a campaign of aggression.

She began by ordering Martyrs to assassinate the third Keeper Alpha. Following this assassination, AA and her follows launched an all-out attack on the Sphere. Her objective was to obtain the twelfth Scribe Sigma and the entity known as "Neomaria." It is believed that she wished to perform a fetal transplant from Neomaria to SΣ.

On December 19, 2011, Martyrs penetrated the Sphere. The eleventh Inquisitor Alpha was subsequently killed. Both of AA's objectives were secured.

On December 20, 2011, AA attempted to perform the Fetal Transplant. *CENSORED*  

AA's remains were then recovered by a team of Collectors. Neomaria's whereabouts remain unknown.

Following a tribunal hearing on December 26, 2011, it was determined that MA and BA were coerced into aiding AA. They will retain their positions. SΣ's status as a fugitive has been revoked, and she has been restored to her position in the Archive.


Monday, January 2, 2012

It's over.

IN is compiling his data regarding the war. He will fill you in on the details later.