Sunday, June 5, 2011

PRE12: "Plague Doctor"

Designation: PRE12

Colloquial Terms: The Plague Doctor, Scourge, Doktor, Agony, Tengu, The Bird Faced One, The Carnival's Shadow, DECAY

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a mid-height man in a long dark robe and a bird-like mask (NOTE: He looks basically like the historical plague doctors, hence his most popular name --SΣ). Some accounts of its appearance vary, with different reports concerning the color of the mask, and whether or not it is a mask. Records indicate that, prior to the black plague of Europe, it appeared *CLASSIFIED*

Behavioral Characteristics: Spreads disease wherever it walks, and is capable of targeting specific individuals. Fond of appearing in large groups of costumed people, spreading various diseases among them (NOTE: He seems to enjoy Carnival in particular. There are tons of sightings during that celebration. --SΣ). Accounts of its speech are varied. Some have claimed that PRE12 makes no sound, others have claimed to have heard a low chuckling in its presence, and a select few have claimed to have heard it formulate speech. Some accounts have plants withering away as PRE12 walks past them.

Further Reading: This account links PRE12 to the Ticonderogo "Fever Ship" incident. The blog Quiet Cacophony appears to be written by a victim of PRE12, but we are not sure at the time of this writing.

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  1. An apple a day won't keep the Plague Doctor away!