Friday, June 17, 2011

Scribe Sigma Has Been Detained

My name is unimportant. My designation is Inquisitor Nu.

On Saturday, a very wealthy client purchased certain information from the Archive pertaining to PRE10. The information he purchased was faulty. It stated that PRE10 could be repelled if it was dismembered. The client hired two bodyguards and confronted PRE10, and had the guards riddle PRE10 with bullets before going in with machetes.

Four entities present. Three ended up in pieces. And guess what? The dog wasn't one of them.

The information was sold to the client by Broker Epsilon. It was pulled from the database by Scribe Sigma. One of them most likely altered the data at some point. Both have been detained and are being questioned. Some in our organization find it hard to believe that a Gifted would betray us, but Gifted have gone bad before.

Bottom line: If she's innocent, we will allow SΣ to continue her little pet project. If not, it's the Sphere for her.

I don't know why you would care, anyway. Looking at these posts, she's clearly not being completely honest with you. Oh, she hasn't outright lied of course. "Given this job by my superiors"? I suppose that's true, but only because she requested it.



  1. Well, that was unexpected.
    I hope she doesn't get 'the Sphere,' whatever that is.
    Also, could you take some time from your busy schedule and tell us all (or most) of the ways she has mislead us?

  2. She's Gifted. Everything else falls under the category of "Shit You Don't Need To Know."


  3. Honestly, if even a quarter of this info is true I'm thankful it's here at all.