Sunday, May 22, 2011

PRE05: "Wooden Girl"

Designation: PRE05

Colloquial Terms: The Wooden Girl, Harlequin, PUPPETEER, Splinter, String-Mistress, Queen of Threads, Kathputli, Manipulator, Marionette

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a life-size wooden marionette with strings wrapped around her. Always appears as female, though the exact appearance has changed many times throughout history. This is because *CLASSIFIED*

Behavioral Characteristics:  Exerts complete control over her subjects via the use of invisible and intangible "Strings". Those enthralled by PRE05 are designated under the P05A00 and P05B00 series.

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  1. Stimulus accepted. Response: Collaboration furthers naught but all.

    Request: Said collaboration, specifically between operatives of the Archive and the Reintegration Tablet.

  2. Someone forgot "Wooden Empress"

  3. Invisible "strings"? Um... Well shit. This isn't good. Guess that puppeteer wasn't drunk after all... This isn't good at all...