Sunday, May 29, 2011

P05B04: "The Jester"

NOTE: The P05A00 and P05B00 series refer to those controlled by PRE05. The difference is that the A series possesses no free will and is entirely enslaved to PRE05 and the B series possesses some degree of autonomy. --SΣ
cheat code: the third word is "big"
Designation: P05B04

Aliases: The Jester, The Mummer, The Fool, The Joker, The Mime

Physical Characteristics: A male in either his late twenties or early thirties. Caucasian. Short brown hair and tanned skin. Wears a mask that is reminiscent of a clown's face.

History of Activity: Records of P05B04 are confused and unclear. First believed to have been sighted in Sussex, England in 1889. Has appeared sporadically throughout history. It is unclear whether this is the same individual or if the mask and identity are passed on to different people. Has never been observed to speak and does not seem to be employed in any specific type of assignments. Has been connected to murders, robberies, and kidnappings throughout the twentieth century. Last recorded sighting was *CLASSIFIED*

NOTE: We've actually managed to obtain a mugshot of him, and for once it's not classified. --


  1. That's an awesome photo.

    But this seems familiar...

    Persona, anyone?

  2. K, I played around with the settings, and at the cost of the awesomeness of the picture, i got more of his face to be revealed.

  3. @Zabulon With your changes, it almost looks like cloth. I thought from the original it was a papier-mâché or plastic mask. I don't know if this new knowledge makes it more or less scary. A little bit of both, maybe.

  4. The green part on top is definitely cloth, but I can't really tell if the mask is plastic or cloth what.

    It looks like a bit of both, if that makes sense

  5. At this point, anything could plausibly make sense.