Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sane Interview

NOTE: A few weeks ago, Archive agents encountered a disoriented man who claimed to be an SMSC agent called "Aladdin Sane". Archive data indicates that at that time the agent with that codename was engaged in an operation halfway around the world. The mysterious man was brought in for questioning. The following is taken from a transcript of the session. --SΣ

CE: Agent Sane, I am known as Collector Epsilon. How are you feeling?

Sane: Fine. Fine. I didn't know the Archive still existed.

CE: You are familiar with this organization?

Sane: The Archive. Yes. Well, no. [he pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts] Not this Archive no.

CE: Care to explain what you mean?

Sane: I was there. At the base in *CENSORED*. I saw it get devoured.

CE: How are you aware of that location?

Sane: But that didn't happen here. This isn't the same place, is it? Lowe was right.

CE: Lowe?

Sane: There was a second Lowe. The tall guy brought him. Our Lowe said that this proved interdimensionary travel was possible.

CE: Who is Lowe?

Sane: He was a receiver. He helped us when it happened.

CE: You are referring to Tav Lowe? (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Sane: That was his name. He said it happened because the big guys started fighting. It broke the world. Made the thing.

CE: Could you describe this "thing"?

Sane: A rip, I guess? A tear that gets and bigger. It's nothing really. It unmakes things. It takes everything and makes it nothing. And it grows and grows until everything is nothing. It destroyed our home. Lowe thought we could escape. I guess I did.

CE: You are from another world?

Sane: I am. But how long will I be here? How long until this world falls as well? It makes reality bleed. It makes the world bleed. And soon the worlds start bleeding into each other. And then they're all gone. [He closes his eyes and whispers these next few words] In the end, the Quiet claims us all.


  1. Well doesn't that just sound wonderfully ominous.

    Any chance you have a longer transcript? Or is this the entire interview?

    1. "Ominous" is exactly the word I was thinking of.