Sunday, October 9, 2011

Experiment 208

NOTE: Somehow, if "Anchises" is to be believed, what's going on right now comes back to this experiment. And since I'm apparently a fugitive now, I can't see how releasing classified data will make things any worse. I need all the help I can get, and I don't know what 208 has to do with anything. --

Designation: Experiment 208

Purpose: To determine if regular humans can become beings on the same level as PREs.

Data: Subject selected was a human male child age 9.

Using the "light cage" developed during Experiment 113, Analysts isolated bodies of PRE09 "Shadow People" into a specially designed tube. Subject was then injected with PRE09 while being exposed to DB Radiation (NOTE: Various experiments done with DB Radiation have shown it to defy currently known physical laws. The Radiation causes matter to at once break down and remain whole. I know, that sounds confusing, but that's how it works. --SΣ).

Subject failed to bond with PRE09. PRE09 broke free from Subject's body  through violent means. Subject perished instantaneously.


  1. How to say this without revealing classified material myself.

    It does appear to be possible to trigger a baseline human being to transition into a state we refer to as "Paragon" or "Monster" depending upon how easy they find to interact with baseline humanity after the transition. However it is hard to replicate under laboratory conditions.

    In every case the transition requires a catalysing agent and a source of power. Although quite often these can be the same thing.

    In the case of your experiment 208 I'd say that a living shadow person was a poor choice of power source; likewise with this "DB Radiation", what ever that might be, as a catalyst.

    As an aside it's quite interesting how often the combination of Death and a Transgressive Act appear together in the creation of Monsters. Death is of course the catalyst while the transgression serves as the power source. Although many seem to think it's the other way around. Of course the newly created monster must then continue to transgress to maintain their power. Vampires and their spawn are a classic example.

  2. Of course I appear to be posting this across continua so YMMV.