Monday, May 23, 2011

The Grandfather's Rite

From the Sacred Text:

"And when I looked into the Grandfather's eyeless face,
when I saw my childhood and memories fade away from my body and into His
glory, I felt at peace.
I knew that I had lost years of experience, but I did not care.
Instead, I resolved to replace all that experience. I would assimilate
knowledge, following in the Grandfather's footsteps.
For the Grandfather is the ultimate collector of knowledge,
and through Him all knowledge must flow."

From the Archive Codex:

"None may join with us who have not met the Grandfather.
To become one of us, one must first seek out the Grandfather
and give unto Him a piece of oneself.
Only then may one be eligible to join with the Archive."

NOTE: So basically what all this means is that, in order to join the Archive, you have to lose your childhood to the Grandfather. He's usually found in libraries, but he's been seen in other places too.

Me? I met the Grandfather for the first time when I was 16. It was back in 1998, and I had some essay due. So I went to the library to study. There I met an old man who asked me my name. I was kind of confused, but I told him anyway. He wrote it down in a book he was carrying and walked away. It wasn't until after he was gone that I realized the man was blind, and it wasn't until after I'd gotten home and seen all those unfamiliar framed photographs on the wall that I realized that I'd lost all memory of the first 13 years of my life. That's what the Grandfather does-- he collects childhoods.

I eventually met a man calling himself Collector Delta. He taught me amazing things about the Grandfather and told me about the Archive. There was little left for me at home-- only three years worth of memories-- so I decided to leave with CΔ and join the Archive. Paul, my boyfriend, tried to stop me. He said that the Archive was just a cult and that I needed help from a hospital. He told me he wouldn't let me leave with CΔ.

He was the first person I ever killed. --SΣ


  1. You guys are a step above Jay and a step below the Foundation here. Killing seems rather harsh.

  2. Huh... Well, that would be one possible "good" reason I can't remember anything before high school. I know Slendy, or PRE01, as you call Him, showed up around the time I was seven, and He's been there since then. I believe He killed my first dog. Why He stuck around after that is beyond me.

  3. So in theory, the Grandfather could cut all ties a person has to the Slender Man?

  4. The grandfather is an old man with no power.
    "Slendy" is a tall brute with tentacles he refuses to use right.

    Feeling harlequin's whip however...THAT'S service.