Friday, November 18, 2011

Ghost 01

11-13-11: Target Scribe Sigma's current location: Unknown

The trail has gone cold

recovered the following e-mail:


To: Martyr Alpha
From: Analyst Alpha
Subject: Scribe Sigma

I understand that the girl has managed to evade your people for a month. Where is she? I know that you know just how important it is that I get her. IA has assured me that he's searching for whoever helped her, but so far no leads have come up. How can you be certain that none of your Martyrs helped her? She used to be yours, see if you can find anyone she was friends with.

And I want you to investigate the Inquisitors as well. Remember that IA sided with KA and SA in the last meeting. I don't trust him.


Hello, miss AA. I am the one who helped SΣ escape. Nice to meet you.


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