Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ghost 03

Transcription of audio recorded from the office of Inquisitor Alpha is as follows:

[knock on the door]

IA: Come in.

[sound of door opening. Footsteps. Door closes.]

Female Voice: I want answers.

[there is a slight pause. The sound of someone shifting in his seat is heard.]

IA: Don't we all? What can I do for you, miss double A?

Analyst Alpha: This so-called "Ghost" has somehow managed to hack into my email and listen in on the Council. So tell me, why have you not found him, yet?

IA: It's a ghost, remember? Presumably he can walk through walls.

AA: Don't give me that shit. You know who it is, don't you?

IA: [sighs] And if I knew who it was, why would I keep that a secret?

AA: You sided with the Keeper. You're trying to destroy my work--

IA: It's true that I have moral objections to the Neomaria project, but I most certainly--

[there is a slamming sound]

AA: You and Keeper and Scribe are trying to end my experiment! I know it! You think I don't know that Keeper is Anchises? It's obvious! Anyone with half a brain could figure it out!

IA: First of all, there is no concrete evidence to support that accusation-- and it is quite an accusation. Secondly, it's pronounce "Anchises." The C-H makes a "K" sound.

AA: I want Ghost's head.

IA: Good for you. What will you do if you don't get it? Sic your lapdog on me? Won't that be interesting? I wonder how the Martyrs would react to being sent after an Alpha? Oh, but they are so loyal, aren't they?

AA: Inquisitor Alpha, will you please stop trying to change the subject!?

IA: No, I don't think I will. Now will you kindly get out of my office?

AA: You--

IA: Me! Yes, me. My office. That you are in. Get out.


It's shameless, the way they flirt.



  1. I have no idea who you are Ghost but I'd like to fucking congratulate you for not getting caught so far.

  2. isnt it? i always found you humans and your cat and mouse sexualities so frivolous.

    its odd to say the least.

    -H A C I M-