Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PRE11: "Manufactured Newborn"

Designation: PRE11

Colloquial Terms: The Manufactured Newborn, the Growing Doll, the Contraption, Chesire Cat, the Mad Machine, the Child of Gears, the Becoming God, TOWER

Physical Description: PRE11 can take numerous forms, however it seems that its "true" form is that of a tower built of seemingly random objects.

Behavioral Characteristics: When PRE11 begins operations in an area, it will take the form of a small, unassuming object. Over time, this object will draw others toward it and bond with them, forming a composite machine. Any object, no matter the size, shape, or composition, can be utilized by PRE11. When it has grown to what it deems to be sufficient mass, it will leave this reality and add its body to an ever growing tower of such contraptions, which resides in CW0104 "The Towering Realm"

Further Reading: This seems to be an account of its birth, and this and this document encounters with it.

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