Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PRE21: "Grotesque"

Designation: PRE21

Colloquial Terms: The Grotesque, the Reverie, Somnivore, Oneirophage, the Living Nightmare, the Restless Dream, the Dark Carnival, Eternal Waking, DREAM, Phobetor

Physical Description: PRE21 has none

Behavioral Characteristics: Appears to be a sort of sentient nightmare that infects victims while they sleep. Those who have been attacked by PRE21 often report bizarre and horrifying dreams that left them in a state of terror and unease even after waking. Victims also often develop sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and (most commonly) somnambulism. In certain rare cases, victims have suffered permanent brain damage as a result of an attack.

Victims commonly report their dreams as taking the form of a large and grandiose circus, with all sorts of strange and exotic acts. However, this is by no means universal. Some victims have hallucinated clowns, freaks, and other such circus folk following them in their daily, waking life.

It is commonly believed that PRE21 is capable of trapping its victims in an eternal sleep, not unlike a coma. For obvious reasons, this has never been verified.

Monday, July 2, 2012

PRE20: "Mother of Snakes"

Designation: PRE20

Colloquial Terms: The Mother of Snakes, the Serpent of Eden, Lamia, Echidna, Abyzou, Naga Kanya, The Lady of Shining Scales, The Salvation, The Serpentine Mother, The Sinuous Mother, The Darkening Mirror, The Mother of All Lamentations, The Temptation, SLITHERER, Mistress of Mirrors

Physical Description: PRE20 is often described as a woman with snake-like features. The exact details, such as scales, shape of pupils, whether she has hair, facial structure, and whether she has a tail or legs, tend to vary between different accounts. One thing most accounts agree on is that she tends to only be seen in mirrors.

Behavioral Characteristics: PRE20 appears to her victims through mirrors. She often shows them images of themselves, but twisted and monstrous. These images often reflect the darker aspects of her victims' personalities in some way. Victims of PRE20 tend to become increasingly paranoid, and develop of fear of mirrors. They also have a tendency to become increasingly self-loathing, often to the point of developing suicidal tendencies. In some cases, PRE20 has been observed to pull victims into the mirror with her. She has also displayed the ability to control and command all manner of snakes.

Servants of PRE20 are called Lilim, and are almost all women who have been pulled into the mirror by her. PRE20's domain is the Garden of Desolation.