Saturday, July 30, 2011

CW003: "Crumbling Castle"

Designation: CW003

Common Term: Crumbling Castle

CW003 is the domain of PRE12 "Plague Doctor". It appears as a large castle with endless hallways and a countless number of rooms. The style of the castle's architecture shifts depending on where one is within it. The walls of the castle are constantly crumbling away to reveal warm and throbbing flesh beneath it.

Those who enter CW003 usually return, though there has never been a case of someone entering and coming out perfectly healthy. Some sort of terminal disease is always contracted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P13A27: "Witch of Gatlinburg"

Designation: P13A27

Aliases: Witch of Gatlinburg, Crow Face, The Mountain Maid, Bird Mother, Smoky Mountain Witch

Physical Characteristics: A woman in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Pale skin. Blonde hair. Dresses in a cloak of black feathers and an abnormally large bird skull, which she uses as a mask (the species of bird is unknown). Often seen carrying a stone dagger.

History of Activity: P13A27 was first reported in the early 19th century, with many sighting around the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA-- most concentrated in the area that is now the town of Gatlinburg. Sightings since then have been sparse, and it is unknown whether this is the same woman as the subject of the original sightings.

Most believe her to be a witch who commands the birds in the area. Sources describe her has using her knife to cut into her own flesh, creating openings from which birds emerge. It is more likely that she is a "nest" for PRE13 "Convocation"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PRE15: "Dying Man"

Designation: PRE15

Colloquial Terms: The Dying Man, the Lost Man, All and None, the Decay, Jumper, VAGRANT, He Who Seeks Shelter

Physical Characteristics: None, though victims do exhibit signs of necrosis and occasional deformities

Behavioral Characteristics: Lacks a physical body, but inhabits the bodies of others. Once it has entered a host body, the host begins to decay. Symptoms of PRE15's infection include necrosis and a variety of deformities including, but not limited to, the growth of extra limbs or digits, scales developing along the skin, development of extra organs, and cancerous growth of skin and muscle cells. The speed of decay varies from victim to victim, ranging a few hours to a few years. Psychological effects on hosts also vary. Some hosts appear to lose all signs of previous personality as PRE15 takes control, others appear normal except for occasional episodes of erratic behavior. A small number have been reported as having gone comatose. When the host body has decayed to the point that it is no longer feasible for PRE15 to inhabit it, then PRE15 will seek to make physical contact with another organism, jumping into the new body. There are some reports that PRE15 is able to split its consciousness and infect multiple bodies at once, though these reports are unconfirmed.

Though PRE15 currently possesses no body of its own, there is evidence to suggest that this was not always the case. NOTE: That evidence is classified. --SΣ

Further Reading:  This blog as well as this blog, both concerning the same victim of PRE15

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Experiment 153

NOTE: Experiments 145-152 are classified. --

Designation: Experiment 153

Purpose: To determine if those enslaved by PRE05 can be freed from her control

Data: Ten subjects were acquired for this test. One was designated as the control, and each of the nine was confined to a cell within the Sphere and subjected to a different "treatment". Sixteen hours into the experiment, Analysts began to aggressively assault one another. Seventeen hours in, Martyrs who had been sent to confine the Analysts also turned hostile. Eighteen hours into the experiment, all Martyrs and Analysts save one had been killed. The final Analyst freed each of the ten test subjects before slitting his own throat.

Careful analysis of the security tapes reveals multiple instances of a figure resembling PRE05 standing in the shadows near hostile Analysts and Martyrs.

Two years later (in 1984), the Experiment was repeated. Results were nearly the same, though during the retest the violence spread throughout the entire facility. 46 out of the current 102 Archivists were killed in total.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Gifted

From the Sacred Text:

"Those who have lost their memories to Him may sometimes be chosen to receive His Blessing.
Memories of childhood flow into their minds,
But it is not their childhood that they remember.
They who have received His most perfect Gift may know the memories of another
And thus gain greater understanding and greater knowledge.
These chosen, these Gifted, are the greatest among us.
They are the Grandfather's favorites, and His realm is theirs to traverse."

I am Gifted. The John Kramer Transcript was written by me, a transcribing of the memories that I received from the Grandfather. Among us here at the Archive, the Gifted are held in high esteem, and though I am not one of the Alphas or the Betas, I am still seen as a leader or hero of sorts. This blog was my idea. I felt that people should know what was out there, even if only the non-classified data. I won't lie: this blog has made me some enemies, especially among the Brokers, who would gladly put a pricetag on all of this, classified or not. But none of the other six Alphas, aside from Broker Alpha, opposed my plan. They gave me permission to write this blog because I am Gifted, and therefore seen as chosen.

I became Gifted five years ago. Back then I was designated Martyr Epsilon, so I was basically a Black-Ops soldier. A Broker had gone rogue, and my squad had been sent to bring him in or, failing that, eliminate him. You don't leave the Archive. Not ever.

It was a library at some university where we found him. We'd split up and were moving through the library when I practically walked right into him. He wasn't looking at me. He was just staring at the darkness. It was night, the lights were all off...

And there he was. The Grandfather. He approached the Broker I had been sent to find, and he reached out his hand and laid it on the Broker's shoulder. My quarry choked and coughed as if he had dust in his throat (and I think he did). His hair turned gray, turned white, fell from his head. His skin turned wrinkly, livery. His body weakened and stooped. His bones cracked and creaked.

And then pieces of hims began to fall off. His skin turned to dust and his bones turned to stone. He crumpled into nothingness, and the Grandfather turned his attention to me.

I think I screamed. A flood of memories just poured into my mind. Memories that were not mine, but which felt so real and so clear. By the time my team found me, the Granfather had gone. I was re-designated as a Scribe and given the task of transcribing my new memories. As I did, their intensity faded. Now that it has all been written down, I can barely remember that boy's childhood anymore.

The memories are still there, but they're distant now, and no longer feel as if they were mine. I've been Scribe Sigma since then, and everyone seems to regard me with a mixture of wariness and awe. I'm the first Gifted we've had in twenty years.


Friday, July 8, 2011

CW002: "Path of Black Leaves"

NOTE: I'm sorry I took so long to post this. Things have been REALLY hectic here this past week. I've been up and working constantly. After I finish this post I'm going straight to sleep. I just hope I don't have any nightmares. --SΣ

Designation: CW002

Common Term: Path of Black Leaves

CW002 is the Pathway utilized by PRE01 "Slender Man" and its Servants. They have been observed as being able to open portals to CW002 at will. CW002 appears as a forest shrouded in perpetual night, and all the leaves on the trees are black. Creatures wander the forest, and are said to attack travelers who do not bear PRE01's Mark. The exact nature of these creatures is unknown, as few have ever observed them and survived. Those who do not bear PRE01's Mark often find themselves weakening when traveling CW002. PRE01's Servants suffer no such ill effects.

PRE11 "Bleeding Tree" is also located within CW002. NOTE: This is one of the reasons a number of Analysts argue that PRE11 should be reclassified as a UXP, since CW002 is connected to PRE01, and PRE11 has never been observed to leave it, rather preferring to draw victims into the path. --SΣ Addendum: Recently, PRE11 was reclassified as UXP832. The classification "PRE11" now refers to the "Manufactured Newborn." --SΣ