Monday, September 12, 2011

PRE16: "Intrusion"

Designation: PRE16

Colloquial Terms: The Intrusion, the Hive, the Swarm, the Unseen Horseman, the Eighth Plague, PESTILENCE

Physical Characteristics: A swarm of animals of varying species, the only common trait is that each animal belongs to the phylum arthropoda (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Behavioral Characteristics: A sort of consciousness that affects large groups of arthropods, causing them all to move with a single-minded purpose. Like the animals in their natural state, PRE16 seeks to reproduce. It does so by seeking out a human host. As the host sleeps, PRE16's bodies into into the host through each orifice and lay eggs within the host's body. The host begins to become ill as a result of that. Within a few days, the eggs hatch, and the offspring devour the host from within. PRE16, with its new bodies, proceeds to seek out a new victim.

Violence against individual bodies will only serve to agitate PRE16.

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  1. And it seems to have acquired it's first servant. PRE 01 has Proxies, PRE 14 "Campers", PRE 05 has her "Puppets" and "Pets". Hell, I've heard a rumor that PRE 10 fathered some puppies even (although that's unsubstantiated). I propose that PRE 16's current and any further servants be termed "drones" as that seems to be the position poor Rick is serving.

  2. Do you have any information on the Smiling Man or the Quiet

  3. Sounds like someone has a secret admirer.