Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Seven Callings

The Archive is divided into seven groups, or "callings":

Scribes record data and are in charge of keeping track of information and keeping it up to date.

Collectors are field agents. Their job is to observe and collect data. On occasion, their work also entails recruiting new members.

Analysts are in charge of analyzing the data obtained by collectors and running experiments.

Keepers are in charge of security. They ensure the Archive's bases remain hidden and keep all Archive files secure.

Inquisitors act as the Archive's Internal Affairs. They investigate corruption within the Archive and are in charge of maintaining the Sphere.

Brokers keep the Archive running. They sell information to wealthy clients, providing the funds needed for the Archive to run.

Martyrs are the soldiers of the Archive. They are rarely deployed, but their job entails hunting down rogue agents and eliminating external threats to the Archive.

NOTE: So next update is CW002, and after that is the post about the Gifted. I've also finished adding the "Further Reading" links to the PRE posts. --SΣ


  1. I know that this doesn't have much to do with this post but...

    Do you know anything about "Hat Man"? You know... dark being, humanoid form, wearing a hat. Usually linked with Shadow People.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. A man who is both shadow and shadower? Whose body, though seen flat on a wall, has more dimensions then you can guess? Who slips through cracks and windows, under doors and into dreams? Whom, when you meet him, will give a slight smile (shown with one thin line of light) and tip his hat towards you, as if suggesting that you will meet again in a place beyond the lands of night?

    No, never heard of him.