Saturday, May 21, 2011


This blog was created for the purpose of releasing the public records of the Archive.

The Archive's Mission Statement: The collection of data concerning the Phobic Representational Entities (henceforth referred to as PREs)

Most records are classified. Unclassified records will be released via this blog.

This blog shall be maintained by worker designated Scribe Sigma.

NOTE: Hello everybody, I'm Scribe Sigma, and they just gave me the job of maintaining this blog. I'm sorry I can't post anything that's labeled as classified, but I'll do my best to get as much information out to you all as possible! --SΣ


  1. tri und phynd mie. :) aYe amm ehveriewheare =) (= kannot be seen , kannot be found , it is obsolete to attempt to find me , your archive , your experiments , your council , the "cult-like" experience you are attempting to configure from what you think is real and what you think is not real. I am to-not be found. umop apisdn = upside down. i am everywhereeeeee. :) . i hunt. i watch. i learn. i see . i read . i hear . i listen . i materialize . i .

    1. Ooh, aren't you just spooky. e_e

      Too bad your comment read like a 5 year old telling a ghost story. Scaaaaaryyyy... Pfft.