Thursday, September 29, 2011

UXP214: "Unlucky Man"

Designation: UXP214

Description: The so-called "Unlucky Man" was first recorded by an Irish Catholic monk in 1607. He was described as a man dressed in strange clothes, with a crest upon his back consisting of the Greek letter Chi with a circle through it. The monk claimed that he watched, dumbfounded, as the Unlucky Man fell off a cliff and presumably to his death.

Many other recorded sightings of this man have occurred throughout history. It appears that he wears a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, with the "Operator Symbol" upon it, though no connection to PRE01 "Slender Man" has been observed. The Unlucky Man usually is observed to suffer a gruesome fate shortly after appearing.

Perhaps the most bizarre sighting was in a Chicago warehouse in 1993. The Unlucky Man was sighted on the grounds shortly before the warehouse caught fire. When the fire was put out, a number of large bones were found among the ashes. Testing revealed that the bones belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex though they were not fossilized.


  1. A black hoodie with an operator symbol? I'd say that describes 50% of the runners I've met. Are you sure it isn't just reports of multiple runners being killed by the things they're running from? Those T-rex bones are more worrisome *please* tell me the Archangel is limited to people and can't go T-rex on someone's ass.

    1. But the Convocation CAN go T-rex on someone's ass.

  2. The Archangel is limited to people and cannot go T-Rex on people's asses. Whatever helps you sleep at night.