Monday, May 23, 2011

PRE06: "Empty City"

Designation: PRE06

Colloquial Terms: The Empty City, The City, Metropolis, City of Empty Shadows, The World Beyond the Doors, DEVOURER

Physical Characteristics: PRE06 is a genius loci in the form a large, empty city (NOTE: For those of who don't know what genius loci means, this basically means that PRE06 is a city that is living and intelligent --SΣ). It seems to exist outside our own reality. It manifests in our reality via "Doors" which can appear anywhere and anytime.

Behavioral Characteristics: The Doors can manifest anywhere and will usually (though not always) remain in existence until someone has opened one and stepped through it, whereupon the Door will slam shut and the gateway to PRE06 will vanish. Once inside, victims are left to wander until the day they die. PRE06 continuously shifts its shape and structure to keep victims lost. (NOTE: Yeah, I know, I was skeptical at first too. You're probably wondering where this information came from. Well, it turns out that other PREs use PRE06 as a meeting ground and will occasionally bring their human servants along. Most of our data on PRE06 comes from those servants- --SΣ)

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