Friday, May 27, 2011

Experiment 144

NOTE: Experiments 108-143 are classified --SΣ

 Designation: Experiment 144

Purpose: To determine if proximity to PRE06 Doors has any adverse effects on PRE09

Data: Archive Analysts created a "light cage" to capture a body of PRE09. The "light cage" was constructed using data gathered from Experiment 113. After confirming the appearance of a Door, Analysts transported the cage and PRE09 to its location. All monitoring equipment was damaged. All Analysts present on site were found in vegetative states. No sign of the Door. No sign of PRE09. Location of Experiment 144 has been quarantined and designated G004. No object has been observed casting a shadow in G004 since Experiment 144 was carried out. Three of the original seven Analysts remain alive, but in a vegetative state. They have not cast shadows since Experiment 144 was carried out.


  1. That is legitimately horrifying.
    Do you have any idea as to what happened there?

    And if this is not classified, I don't even want to think about the things that are...

  2. We really have no idea what happened. A few people have started suggesting retrying the experiment, but most think it's too dangerous.

    And yes, the classified stuff is definitely not something you want to read. Experiment 113, which gave us the light cage? I didn't sleep for a week after I read that file.

  3. So, exactly why are these experiments being conducted? I understand most of what is said it going to be classified, and from the sounds of it, that's best. But what's the overall point? Is the Archive trying to stop the PRE's, or just understand them? Or perhaps they're trying to work with them. What's the greater picture?


  4. We of the Archive have been touched by the power of the Grandfather, and follow in His way. Just as the Grandfather accumulates knowledge, so to do we of the Archive.

  5. I see. When was this experiment done? You could always re-do the experiment with all humans miles away. After all, cameras and robots are expendable, no?

  6. The dates of the experiments are classified. However, it was recent. We only started experimenting in the mid-1900's. This experiment was, however, before my time. If you check the data here against the data presented in Experiment 107, then you should be able to form a rough picture of when Experiment 144 was carried out.

  7. @Zalbulon; The equipment was destroyed, though, right? At least, that's what I got out of it.

    Maybe, with the knowledge that you HAVE accumulated, you could try to fashion a device that won't break when whatever PRE09 does what it does?

  8. Yankee, yea I meant to mention that haha

    And while the equipment was destroyed, robots also eliminate the argument of 'too dangerous.'

    Instead of taking PRE09 to a door, you could hold it in captivity for a little while (a week, maybe) and see if does anything, if not, take it to a door. At low speeds. Keep a long range camera on it or something, along with the regular ones. Might go better than last time

  9. Maybe. They have sniper scopes that can see for a mile, and satellites that can read a license plate from orbit. I'm sure The Archive can muster up SOMETHING that can at least get the gist of what happens when PRE09 is in the presence of PRE06. I'd say there are places to do it that are completely isolated, but you can't ever predict where the doors are going to be, so that's out.

  10. Just let the crazy-ass Blind Man cultists do their thing.