Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ghost 02

Transcription of the meeting of the Council of Seven is as follows:

Collector Alpha: Is this meeting truly necessary? We are all aware of the current situation.

Analyst Alpha: You of all people shouldn't be complaining. It's your fault this council is deadlocked on the Scribe Sigma issue.

CA: Scribe Sigma... Neomaria... 208... These don't concern the Collectors. I see no reason to vote on this issue.

Broker Alpha: I'd like to remind you that she stole sensitive information, and posted classified data to that blog of hers.

Scribe Alpha: Something she only did after certain members of this council attacked her.

Martyr Alpha: I had judged her to be a danger--

SA: Don't give me that! You were obeying Analyst Alpha like good little boy--

AA: Scribe Alpha! Please show some restraint or excuse yourself from this chamber.

Keeper Alpha: By all rights this shouldn't have happened in the first place. We should have terminated 208 long ago.

AA: I have put too much time into the Neomaria project to see it--

KA: Project? She is your daughter!

AA: This is not the time nor the place for such sentimentality, Keeper Alpha!

Inquisitor Alpha: This infighting is getting us no where. Without Collector Alpha's vote, the council remains deadlocked. As for the matter of Scribe Sigma, it is true that she has released classified information, but it was under fairly extreme circumstances. She should be brought in and punished for that transgression, though I'd argue leniently, and nothing else.

BA: Showing any leniency to someone who willfully releases classified data--

SA: Yes, we all know you're very upset about not being able to turn as much of a profit as you used to, but can you please just shut up for once?

BA: The money my brokers make is what keeps this organization running!

SA: Or at least the money that gets into the treasury.

BA: Just what are you implying?

KA: Enough! As far as I'm concerned, the matter of Scribe Sigma remains deadlocked. Is there anything else that must be brought to our attention?

AA: Yes, the matter of the mysterious "Anchises." He is clearly someone with access to high-level information, and has an interest in protecting Scribe Sigma.

IA: My inquisitors have found no evidence that could lead us to Anchises' identity.

MA: Big surprise there.

AA: And what of Ghost?

IA: Likewise. We do not know who Ghost is, or how he obtained your email. It's possible that Ghost and Anchises are the same person.

KA: In The Aeneid, Aeneas did meet a ghostly image of Anchises when he went to the underworld.

AA: Yes, I'm sure you'd know all about that.

SA: It seems to me that there is insufficient information for the council to act on these subjects. I propose that we set them aside for the time being and move our discussion to the proposed Experiment 563.


You guys should really beef up your security. Just saying.


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