Saturday, May 21, 2011

PRE01: "Slender Man"

Designation: PRE01

Colloquial Terms: The Slender Man, Slenderman, "Slendy", The Tall One, The Pale King, The Gentleman, Der Großmann, STRANGER, Willow, Ash, Operator

Physical Characteristics: Often takes form of tall humanoid creature with no face and wearing a black suit. The color of its tie alternates between black and red. Tentacles are often observed as manifesting from its body. Sometimes replacing its arms.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often hunts its prey in a manner similar to a cat in that it toys with its victims before delivering the death blow. This playfulness can last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. Often targets children. In recent years has begun to gather human followers, likely as a response to the increased human resistance to it. Has never been observed to speak. As of May 21, 2011, has been in on peaceful terms with PRE05 for 96 years. NOTE: Basically that means that it's in an alliance with the Wooden Girl --SΣ So-called "Operator Symbols" have been observed to appear in its presence. The purpose of these symbols is *CLASSIFIED*

Human servants designated under P01A00, P01B00, P01C00, P01D00, and P01E00 categories.

Further Reading: Just look around, seriously, I'm willing to bet that, if you're reading this, you've already heard of PRE01


  1. You left out that He seems to have some sort of telepathy...

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    2. a) "He" doesn't need to be capitalized.
      b) Since when?

  2. I think Search and Reveal showed the purpose of the symbols as a repellant