Friday, December 9, 2011

SΣ: Fracture

Hello everyone. I'm back. Scribe Sigma.

I guess I owe you all an explanation?

The "Sammy Mayhew" whose memories I was given is not me. I've checked the dates, the age, public records... it doesn't add up at all. It's impossible for it to be me. Of course, I realized this as soon as I made that post. The memories were just crashing against my mind, begging to get out, and once they were released, I was able to think clearly.

I am not Neomaria.

I am her half-sister.

While I was on the run, I went home. The home that I only have three years worth of memories of, and I saw my mother for the first time in years. She's aged so much, I barely even recognized her. But she recognized me, the instant she saw me.

I won't go into the details, but there were tears and there were hugs. Apparently, my father has been making the occasional visit since I joined the Archive. I don't have any memory of my father-- he was long gone by the time the Grandfather took my memories-- but he remembered me.

Anchises. His posts were titled "sin", "sof", and "the". "sinsofthe". I'm certain the next two would have been "fat" and "her." Sins of the father-- my father. Keeper Alpha.

I don't know why he named his daughter with Analyst Alpha after me. Whether it was guilt or simply because he missed me. I don't know.

The Inquisitors found me before the Martyrs did, and they took me to the Sphere, and I met my sister-- the sister I never knew I had. We look so much alike. Same dark blonde hair, same brown eyes, same front teeth that are just slightly too big... And she's pregnant. And she's been pregnant for years. Pregnant with a child that cannot be detected and does not exist.

Neomaria: the new Mary. She who will give birth to a new god. For some reason, the fetus won't grow anymore in her body, so Analyst Alpha started looking for a new mother to carry the baby to term, preferably one with a similar physiology to her daughter.

And that's why she wanted me. She was going transplant the fetus inside me.

Inquisitor Nu is close to her. I think they might even love each other. He was always so hostile to me... but now, for some reason, he's protecting me-- trying to protect both of us. He's Ghost.

...and now I suppose I should explain current events.

My father is dead. A group of Martyrs broke into his room and killed him while he slept. The Martyrs are different from how I remember them. They follow Martyr Alpha's orders with a kind of... no, "fanaticism" isn't the right word. "Fanaticism" implies passion.

Analyst Alpha has declared that anyone who opposes her is a traitor, and with the Martyrs backing her up, she's started a fucking civil war.

I'm here, in the Sphere, with my sister and my protectors, and the Inquisitors are desperately fighting to keep the Martyrs out.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sphere

"The Sphere" is the name given to the headquarters of the Inquisitors. It is a large underground complex, where Archive prisoners are kept.

Prisoners can be traitors, enemies, or servants of PREs, captured to be studied or interrogated. The Sphere also houses test subjects.

The war has begun. Expect your scribe back soon.