Saturday, June 4, 2011

The John Kramer Transcript

NOTE: Below are excerpts from the memories of a boy named John Kramer. The events detailed are 100% accurate. I should know; I transcribed them myself. --SΣ

Age: 5 // It is a warm summer's night and John lays in bed

There is a man outside my window. He is tall and wears a suit and is really pale.

Age: 7 // It is a cold day in fall and John's school is just letting out

That stupidhead Billy is so mean to me! He tripped me and called me bad words. I hope he disappears like Cindy and Ryan.

Age: 7 // It is a cold winter day and John is playing out in the snow

It's so cold. I wanna build a snowman. How do I roll this big snowball up? It's really cold. But I don't want to get more clothes. There's a boy over there. I wonder if he wants to play with me? He's coming over and smiling. Wow! His face looks like it's been frozen! He's helping me build my snowman! I ask him what his name is and he just smiles. That's rude. My name is John! But this boy won't tell me his name!

Age: 7 // The night of the day that the previous memory takes place

Daddy won't talk to me. I want him to read me a story but he doesn't want to. Mommy says he's "stressed". Is that bad?

Age: 7 // Three days after the previous memory

The boy with the weird face is outside and I think he was talking to Daddy when he got home.

Age: 8 // Early spring

Yay! It's my birthday party! All my friends are here and Mommy is too! But I don't see Daddy anywhere. He said he'd be here, but I don't see him.

Age: 8 // A week after the previous memory

Daddy, where are you? Mommy is sad and I'm sad and we want you to come back please Daddy!

Age: 9 // A cold winter's day

I think I see Daddy outside. He looks really cold. Daddy, where did you go? Where you going? Daddy, come back! Who's that boy with you, Daddy? Did you get a new son? Daddy?

Do you love him more than me?

NOTE: Those are all the relevant excerpts of John's memories. The first two clearly indicate that PRE01 "Slender Man" was active in the area around where John lived, but for some reason did not target him. All the others seem to deal with PRE08 "Cold Boy". --SΣ


  1. How cheerfully he seems to grin,
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in
    With gently smiling jaws!

  2. By the way, how do you get these memories? Does the Aged Aged Man just hand you his books?

  3. It's a long story. Perhaps one day I'll tell you about the Gifted. Not today though.

  4. Poor, poor John...
    He had to deal with not one, but two damn entities....

  5. 3 damn entities. Where do you think they got the kids memories of the first two?