Sunday, November 13, 2011


Daddy is teaching me to play a game. It's called chess and it's so fun. But I have trouble understanding the rules. Why is the horsey called a knight? I love my daddy. Why are you mad mommy? Is chess a bad game?

Daddy what's my name? Mommy says I don't have one but everyone has a name. I heard people call you Keeper Alpha and people call mommy Analyst Alpha. Is my last name Alpha?

Sammy Mayhew? Is that my name daddy?

Why are you so sad daddy? It is my name? I'm Sammy Mayhew? What's wrong daddy?

Mommy why is daddy sad? I only asked him my name. No mommy! Don't be mad. I'm sorry mommy I'm sorry sorry sorry

Daddy mommy's so mean I hate her!

Why is it so quiet all the time? No one ever has time to play with me. There are no other kids here. Can we move somewhere else daddy? Why not? I don't understand daddy.

Daddy why do you spend so much time watching the Martyrs?

I'm having a birthday party! Thank you mommy I love you! Where is it? You're taking me to it now! I can't wait! I'm eleven I'm a big girl!

This room doesn't look like a birthday party.

Mommy? Why did you lock me in here? Why are you calling me that? What's "neemara"?

Mommy help where are these men taking me? I can't move this chair is uncomfortable! Help me mommy! Mommy? What is that thing they have! No! NO NO NO NO NO NO HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME

It hurts mommy, it hurts it hurts why mommy? You said I'm a good girl? I'm a good girl mommy? But mommy it hurts.

Why does my tummy always hurt mommy?

Who are you? Why are you in my room? !!!! Are you the Grandfather! Mommy and daddy have told me so much about you! Did you know I'm going to have a baby?

You want me to sign my name in this book?



  1. I'm sorry for all that you went through, Samantha. Whether than is your real name or just the name of the memories you were given. Hopefully, knowing the truth will give you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

  2. Well it was either his book or mine.