Saturday, November 12, 2011

UXP746: "A"

NOTE: I have been very busy these past few weeks, and I've learned a lot. I think I'm beginning to understand why I was targeted, and I believe that I have figured out who "Anchises" is. However, there are still some missing pieces to the puzzle, and I don't want to reveal what I've learned just yet. Both because of the few missing pieces, and because I want to put some distance between me and the places I've been. The Martyrs are no doubt watching this blog carefully. So until I fill you in on what's been going on, I'll post some more stuff I've got from the Archive's database. --SΣ

Designation: UXP746

Description: Appears to be a human and is capable of verbal and written communication. UXP746 identifies itself as "A." Gender is unknown. Features and voice appear to be wholly androgynous, to the point that there is some doubt over "A's" humanity and whether or not it possesses a gender at all (Hence its classification as UXP).

UXP746 has shown signs of possessing a human-like psyche. Specifically, UXP746's behavior exhibits signs of megalomania. UXP746 has shown itself to be fond of puzzles, and is prone to violence.

NOTE: The following is stuff that I've written, covering more recent developments --SΣ

Following a period of year-long absence, UXP746 has suddenly resurfaced. On October 4, 2011, blogger Achromatic Morality reported an encounter is UXP746. Shortly afterward, UXP746 created a new internet account, tied to the blogs A Realm of Emptiness and A Lifetime of Laughter. Judging by UXP746's recent activity, appears that its megalomania has gotten worse.


  1. appears that its megalomania has gotten worse
    You think? What ever gave you that idea? (This is sarcasm, by the way.)

  2. Any chance that *A*nchises and A are the same being?