Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ludus Deorum

I've mentioned this before, but now here is a post further explaining the so-called "Grand Game" --SΣ

Ludus Deorum (Latin: "Game of Gods"), also called the "Grand Game" and the "Great Game", refers to the relations between the PREs and humans. The ultimate goal of Ludus Deorum is unknown, but the PREs will often form and break alliances with one another in order to reach it. Humans are used as the pieces in this game, being manipulated by the PREs as one may manipulate pieces on a chess or checkers board.

Certain PREs do not involve themselves in the game PRE04 "Grandfather" merely acts as an observer, and PRE06 "Empty City" does not actively participate, but rather serves as a neutral meeting ground for the PREs and their Servants.


  1. The game in which the humans cannot play. Marvelous.

  2. Gramps is an observer?

    So, how do the Fears win this game? Do you even know? Can we even comprehend it?

  3. What fragrant a scent complete and utter rubbish generates.

  4. This game reminds me of Risk. People make and break alliances. It was a fun game, but none of us knew how to play the game so some guy threw his tic-tac pack on the board and we all agreed that aliens attacked. I was in space though. My pieces were, I mean.
    Yeah, it does remind me of Risk.

  5. Now I know what happens when a human atempts participation.

  6. Gods help us if one of them ever wins.