Saturday, June 11, 2011

PRE14: "Ichor"

Designation: PRE14

Colloquial Terms: The Ichor, Scylla, Filament, Salmacis, Loom, The Flesh of the Other, The Invading Ink, DROWNING (NOTE: Recently, the name "Epping AquaTarkus" or "EAT" has become quite popular, though we have not added it to our database --SΣ)

Physical Characteristics: Body appears to be made of a clear, tasteless liquid, similar to water. It has been observed to reach out of its liquid state via the use of thin white tentacles. When enough of these tentacles wind together, a large blue-tinted mass is the result.

Behavioral Characteristics: Operates by replacing water with its own "body". When the "ink" of PRE14 is consumed by an organism, that organism begins to undergo a metamorphosis. Common symptoms include developing obsessions, hallucinations, and, in some rare cases, hydrophobia. Once enough "ink" is consumed, the organism shuts down and will remain in one place until another organism of the same species makes contact. The organism which has consumed the "ink", designated in either the P14A00 or P14B00 series (commonly referred to as a "Camper"), will then begin a slow process of learning behaviors from the non-infected organism. Once the "Camper" has learned enough, it becomes a part of PRE14's consciousness.

NOTE: From now on, I'm going to be adding "Further Reading" links to the end of PRE pages. This will be the first, but I will retroactively add links to previous pages. --SΣ

Further Reading:  The blog Jordan Eats Normally Now seems to primarily deal with PRE14. This post in "Closest to the Sun" provides an eyewitness account of the Camper learning process.

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