Sunday, May 22, 2011

Experiment 107

NOTE: Experiments 001 - 106 are all classified documents --SΣ

Designation: Experiment 107

Purpose: To determine if there are any physiological differences between normal humans and P01A00 series designations. NOTE: The ones usually called the Hallowed. They first started showing up in the eighties. We captured a few for this particular experiments. I'm told they were a lot more docile than most test subjects. --SΣ

Data: Five volunteers were vivisected. Results were then compared to vivisection of P01A09 and P01A12. Presence of black liquid confirmed in P01A09's and P01A12's bloodstreams. No other physiological differences noted. All seven subjects confirmed dead within 12 hours.


  1. Why are you posting this on a blog?

  2. All of us have a purpose.

    "Whether this be to seek something out, or to spread something, or merely for entertainment."

    "To take away a man's freedom is akin to rape."

    Each and everyone one of us has a right of freedom, in whatever form it may be. Not always is one required to explain why he does what he does...Why this is is not what's important, but what this is.

  3. Everyone has the same purpose, however. It does not translate to a right of freedom; we have the freedom to live, and to die. Those are the only decisions.