Saturday, July 30, 2011

CW003: "Crumbling Castle"

Designation: CW003

Common Term: Crumbling Castle

CW003 is the domain of PRE12 "Plague Doctor". It appears as a large castle with endless hallways and a countless number of rooms. The style of the castle's architecture shifts depending on where one is within it. The walls of the castle are constantly crumbling away to reveal warm and throbbing flesh beneath it.

Those who enter CW003 usually return, though there has never been a case of someone entering and coming out perfectly healthy. Some sort of terminal disease is always contracted.


  1. Hello there little one.

    Would you like to play a game?

  2. You again, Jester?

    Where is this Crumbling Castle? Or does it even have a fixed location?

  3. The Castle is like the Path of Black Leaves. It doesn't exist on our level of reality.

  4. Hold on. If it doesn't exist, then how can humans enter it?

  5. To the poster above me. Magick?