Monday, October 29, 2012

UXP138: "Jack of All"

Designation: UXP138

Description: UXP138 appears as a man with a red hand. Details such as age, race, height, weight, and even whether the hand is truly red or merely in a red glove vary from sighting to sighting. UXP138 always introduces himself by the name "Jack," and, depending on the situation, will either offer his target a deal of some sort or attempt to grant a target's wishes.

Results of UXP138's actions are rarely to the target's liking.

UXP138 has gone by numerous names, including, but no limited to:

  • Jack of All
  • Jack in Irons
  • Jack of the Red Right Hand
  • Spring-Heeled Jack
  • Old Jack
  • Jack of the Lantern
  • Red Jack
  • Jack the Knave
  • Jack the Knife
  • Smiling Jack
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Jack of Mind
  • Jack the Hand

UXP138 appears to have some connection to the PREs. However, he does not appear to serve any particular PRE and has been known to seemingly go against their wishes. A common belief is that UXP138 acts in the interest of causing general chaos, or simply for his own amusement.

NOTE: If you believe you are in presence of Jack of All, say nothing. Anything you say could be construed as a wish or an agreement. Just stay quiet and walk away. --SΣ

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UXP023: "Poltergeists"

NOTE: You know the drill by now. Sorry, I've been busy etc. --SΣ

 Designation: UXP023

Description: Manifests as an unseen presence, often confined to a certain area and capable of manipulating solid objects. Behavior varies on a case-by-case basis.

Numerous hypotheses have been put forth to explain UXP023: souls rejected by PRE03 "Archangel" (or souls which have rejected PRE03). Manifestations of beings on other realities, manipulating matter on a different reality as a result of Dimensional Bleeding. Psychic residue left by someone with a strong connection to a particular place. Whatever the reason, UXP023 is rarely dangerous.

Strangely, in 92% of the recorded cases of UXP023 coming into contact with a PRE, UXP023 became docile for the duration of the PRE's presence. In the remaining 7% of cases, UXP023 instead became extraordinarily active and seemingly aggressive.

Approach with caution.

Monday, September 17, 2012

PRE 22: "Smiling Man"

Designation: PRE22

Colloquial Terms: The Smiling Man, The Grinning Man, STALKER, Rosebud, Sisyphus, The Rapturous, Loverboy, Lovers, The Suitor, The Gardener, Carrot Top, False Eyes, Rictus, The Dancer

Physical Description: Appears as a man with wild red hair. His face is often described as difficult to look at, as it does not seem to follow common geometrical laws. His smile is wider than his face and his eyes are so "impossible" that those who look at them directly often experience minor brain damage.

Behavioral Characteristics: While PRE22 seems to most commonly target young women, it is not unheard of for him to target individuals of different ages and genders. PRE22 usually announces his presence by leaving flowers for his targets and watching them from afar. Then, when they are alone, he abducts them. What happens after is unclear, as the few victims who resurface are often so traumatized by their experiences that they can't give a coherent account. PRE22 has also been observed to exhibit some control over flowers.

PRE22's domain is known as the Flower Fields.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Panopticon

The Panopticon is a recent organization dedicated to eradicating the PREs. The organization was originally born from a US government think-tank, but has since broken off from Washington and become its own entity.

The group operates under the belief that PREs are "meme complexes", born from widespread belief in them. More extreme corners of the organization believe that the PREs are not real at all, but rather the product of mass hallucination. While they were originally founded to combat PRE01 "Slender Man", they have since expanded to combat belief in other PREs as well.

Panopticon agents operate by abducting those who have encountered PREs and forcing them to undergo mental conditioning. Abductees are placed under heavy hypnosis and intense psycho-therapy designed to convince them that the PREs are not real, and are merely the products of their own minds. In areas with heavy PRE activity, agents will often place propaganda posters, reassuring victims that they are safe, often using slogans such as "This is the best of all possible worlds."

The Panopticon is considered a Class 4 threat by the Archive, and Collectors are advised to always be on the lookout for Panopticon posters. They should also endeavor to keep a low-profile and blend in with the crowd, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"The Image I Cast"

The following poem was written by a woman named Lara Treme. The poem was found in her home in Wisconsin in 1987, during an investigation into Ms. Treme's disappearance. She was never found. --SΣ

 "The Image I Cast"
by Lara Treme

In the dark, my image beckoned,
And she called me into Her realm.
I found more than I had reckoned
Behind the glass, in sand, in sound.

In the garden of truth and sand,
Others gathered, called by phantoms.
O, ye mighty, desolate land,
Take me and reflect my actions.

In that heat, there was naught to eat,
And so my meal I had to take
From flesh and bone and hands and feet
And from skin I created shade.

They ran. They ran. They ran. They ran.
But they were fools to run from me.
They were fools to run from Her.
They were fools to run from them.
Run but never be free.
Run and know agony.
They catch you for they are shadows
They are reflections
The image you cast
It sees all.
You cannot
Is impossible.



Give up.

And She let me from Her garden.
She let me go and let me live.
For now I have earned Her pardon.
And so now scales cover my skin.

Cover my sin.

In the mirror,
I live in sin.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PRE21: "Grotesque"

Designation: PRE21

Colloquial Terms: The Grotesque, the Reverie, Somnivore, Oneirophage, the Living Nightmare, the Restless Dream, the Dark Carnival, Eternal Waking, DREAM, Phobetor

Physical Description: PRE21 has none

Behavioral Characteristics: Appears to be a sort of sentient nightmare that infects victims while they sleep. Those who have been attacked by PRE21 often report bizarre and horrifying dreams that left them in a state of terror and unease even after waking. Victims also often develop sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and (most commonly) somnambulism. In certain rare cases, victims have suffered permanent brain damage as a result of an attack.

Victims commonly report their dreams as taking the form of a large and grandiose circus, with all sorts of strange and exotic acts. However, this is by no means universal. Some victims have hallucinated clowns, freaks, and other such circus folk following them in their daily, waking life.

It is commonly believed that PRE21 is capable of trapping its victims in an eternal sleep, not unlike a coma. For obvious reasons, this has never been verified.