Saturday, May 21, 2011

P01E01: "Redlight"

NOTE: P01E00 series designates human servants of PRE01 that do not neatly fit into theP01etc categories. So unique servants, or "proxies" as most of you probably call them --SΣ

Designation: P01E01

Aliases: "Redlight", "redlight", "r"

Physical Characteristics: Seems to be a *CLASSIFIED* who is often observed wearing a red colored hoodie.

History of Activity: First publicized appearance occurred during the kidnapping of designation SAGE-ALPHA. Prior to then *CLASSIFIED* Has been connected to designation P01E02, who seems to view him as a brother. Considered to be high-ranking among servants of PRE01. Actions are known to be slightly erratic, leading to many AP00 designations to believe that he seeks freedom from PRE01. Origin unknown. Most popular theories among Archive Analysts *CLASSIFIED* could possibly disprove the Network Theory.

NOTE: Believe it or not, we actually have pages and pages on this guy. This is literally all that I am allowed to show you. Some clarification: SAGE-ALPHA is known as Robert Sagel, P01E02 is a little girl named Cynthia, and the AP00 designation refers to the group of people usually known as "Runners" --SΣ

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