Saturday, September 3, 2011


Scribe Sigma here.

I still have no idea who this Anchises guy is, or why he feels to post on my blog. But this worrying to me: "the seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208"

I can't tell you about 208. It's classified. And even if it wasn't...

Experiment 208 was, in my opinion, one of the most horrible experiments this organization ever conducted. Be glad it's classified. You're better off not knowing.

If that experiment actually had lasting effects, though, then that's bad. Very bad.

But it's bad for me and everyone else in the Archive. It's our problem, and we'll solve it if we have to. So you guys don't need to worry about it. --SΣ


  1. And the Archive takes root; the Archive spreads; the Archive corrupts. This will soon be our problem, because you will make it our problem.

    And you'll do it blindly, in faith.

  2. I stand by my opinion that being mysterious about this will only get people killed or worse.

    Also if you REALLY wanted us to not worry about 208 you wouldn't have told us that it was a horrible experiment where things went to hell in a hand basket. Instead you would have spun a quick story about how it was a routine experiment that didn't produce the results needed and was simply shelved so the funding could go to more import functions.

    Suspicious yes, but it would cause less panic and worry then letting us know we're sitting on top of a ticking time bomb.

    You've already cracked opened Pandoras Box, might as well go full monty at this point, if only so we don't make a bad situation worse.

  3. Just tell me that experiment 208 wasn't you cultists causing this:

    Or you know, that none of your experiments were responsible for the creation of Smiley.