Thursday, September 29, 2011

UXP214: "Unlucky Man"

Designation: UXP214

Description: The so-called "Unlucky Man" was first recorded by an Irish Catholic monk in 1607. He was described as a man dressed in strange clothes, with a crest upon his back consisting of the Greek letter Chi with a circle through it. The monk claimed that he watched, dumbfounded, as the Unlucky Man fell off a cliff and presumably to his death.

Many other recorded sightings of this man have occurred throughout history. It appears that he wears a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, with the "Operator Symbol" upon it, though no connection to PRE01 "Slender Man" has been observed. The Unlucky Man usually is observed to suffer a gruesome fate shortly after appearing.

Perhaps the most bizarre sighting was in a Chicago warehouse in 1993. The Unlucky Man was sighted on the grounds shortly before the warehouse caught fire. When the fire was put out, a number of large bones were found among the ashes. Testing revealed that the bones belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex though they were not fossilized.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PRE11: "Manufactured Newborn"

Designation: PRE11

Colloquial Terms: The Manufactured Newborn, the Growing Doll, the Contraption, Chesire Cat, the Mad Machine, the Child of Gears, the Becoming God, TOWER

Physical Description: PRE11 can take numerous forms, however it seems that its "true" form is that of a tower built of seemingly random objects.

Behavioral Characteristics: When PRE11 begins operations in an area, it will take the form of a small, unassuming object. Over time, this object will draw others toward it and bond with them, forming a composite machine. Any object, no matter the size, shape, or composition, can be utilized by PRE11. When it has grown to what it deems to be sufficient mass, it will leave this reality and add its body to an ever growing tower of such contraptions, which resides in CW0104 "The Towering Realm"

Further Reading: This seems to be an account of its birth, and this and this document encounters with it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NOTICE: A Designation Change

Hey. Scribe Sigma here. I mentioned in a previous post that PRE11's status as a PRE was a debate among Analysts. Well, that debate recently ended, and PRE11 "Bleeding Tree" has been reclassified as UXP832 "Bleeding Tree". A "UXP" is an Unexplained Phenomenon.

The designation of PRE11 has been reassigned to a recently discovered entity. I'll try to get a post up on PRE11 "Manufactured Newborn" as soon as I can.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PRE17: "Eye"

Designation: PRE17

Colloquial Terms: The Eye, The Watcher, The Conscience, Judgment, JURY

Physical Appearance: Appears as a large eyeball that grows out of various surfaces. Only the victim is able to see it, and its gaze will always follow the victim.

Behavioral Characteristics: Usually targets people who have recently committed outlandish crimes (though it has been documented as targeting people who have only committed minor crimes as well). For a period between a week and a year, PRE17 will appear to the victim at various locations, slowly making the victim more nervous and paranoid. After some time, PRE17 will choose another victim and enter into that victim's body, merging with their consciousness. This creates a new being who identifies itself as "Judgment". Judgment will then track down and kill the original victim in a way befitting the original crime (NOTE: So if someone, say, dismembered a person, then Judgment will dismember them. Whereas if they merely lied, the Judgment might removed their tongue and make them bleed to death. Yes, these are both documented cases. --SΣ).

Shortly after conversion, Judgment's body will begin to break down. Within the span of a few weeks, the body will die.

Further Reading: This transcript of a forum conversation.

Monday, September 12, 2011

PRE16: "Intrusion"

Designation: PRE16

Colloquial Terms: The Intrusion, the Hive, the Swarm, the Unseen Horseman, the Eighth Plague, PESTILENCE

Physical Characteristics: A swarm of animals of varying species, the only common trait is that each animal belongs to the phylum arthropoda (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Behavioral Characteristics: A sort of consciousness that affects large groups of arthropods, causing them all to move with a single-minded purpose. Like the animals in their natural state, PRE16 seeks to reproduce. It does so by seeking out a human host. As the host sleeps, PRE16's bodies into into the host through each orifice and lay eggs within the host's body. The host begins to become ill as a result of that. Within a few days, the eggs hatch, and the offspring devour the host from within. PRE16, with its new bodies, proceeds to seek out a new victim.

Violence against individual bodies will only serve to agitate PRE16.

Further Reading: This blog

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sane Interview

NOTE: A few weeks ago, Archive agents encountered a disoriented man who claimed to be an SMSC agent called "Aladdin Sane". Archive data indicates that at that time the agent with that codename was engaged in an operation halfway around the world. The mysterious man was brought in for questioning. The following is taken from a transcript of the session. --SΣ

CE: Agent Sane, I am known as Collector Epsilon. How are you feeling?

Sane: Fine. Fine. I didn't know the Archive still existed.

CE: You are familiar with this organization?

Sane: The Archive. Yes. Well, no. [he pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts] Not this Archive no.

CE: Care to explain what you mean?

Sane: I was there. At the base in *CENSORED*. I saw it get devoured.

CE: How are you aware of that location?

Sane: But that didn't happen here. This isn't the same place, is it? Lowe was right.

CE: Lowe?

Sane: There was a second Lowe. The tall guy brought him. Our Lowe said that this proved interdimensionary travel was possible.

CE: Who is Lowe?

Sane: He was a receiver. He helped us when it happened.

CE: You are referring to Tav Lowe? (NOTE: See here --SΣ)

Sane: That was his name. He said it happened because the big guys started fighting. It broke the world. Made the thing.

CE: Could you describe this "thing"?

Sane: A rip, I guess? A tear that gets and bigger. It's nothing really. It unmakes things. It takes everything and makes it nothing. And it grows and grows until everything is nothing. It destroyed our home. Lowe thought we could escape. I guess I did.

CE: You are from another world?

Sane: I am. But how long will I be here? How long until this world falls as well? It makes reality bleed. It makes the world bleed. And soon the worlds start bleeding into each other. And then they're all gone. [He closes his eyes and whispers these next few words] In the end, the Quiet claims us all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Scribe Sigma here.

I still have no idea who this Anchises guy is, or why he feels to post on my blog. But this worrying to me: "the seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208"

I can't tell you about 208. It's classified. And even if it wasn't...

Experiment 208 was, in my opinion, one of the most horrible experiments this organization ever conducted. Be glad it's classified. You're better off not knowing.

If that experiment actually had lasting effects, though, then that's bad. Very bad.

But it's bad for me and everyone else in the Archive. It's our problem, and we'll solve it if we have to. So you guys don't need to worry about it. --SΣ

Friday, September 2, 2011


Be careful.

When it comes to placing your trust, be frugal.

The seeds we planted years ago, with Experiment 208, are beginning to bear fruit.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Tale of the Visitor

NOTE: The following is the text of an unpublished children's book by a so-called "C. C. White". Personally, I think it's obvious why no publisher would touch it. --SΣ

by C. C. White

Once upon a time there was a man who liked to visit new people. People called him the Visitor.

He traveled to the woods and visited a big pale man in a suit, but the pale man tried to eat him, so Visitor left.

He traveled to the hospital and visited a man with a bird mask, the man in the mask made Visitor's nose feel itchy, so he left him too.

He traveled to the castle and visited the queen of puppets, but the queen wanted to make him a puppet, so Visitor left her too.

He traveled to the lake and visited a bunch of tentacles, and the tentacles grabbed him and pulled him under the water, and Visitor was never heard from again.

Don't do drugs.