Monday, May 30, 2011

The Daniels Tape

NOTE: This video was collected in 1999 from a photographer named Timothy Daniels. It was on a tape he had left behind in his home. The tape was discovered three days after his disappearance. It's one of the few pieces of video evidence concerning PRE06 --SΣ

Sunday, May 29, 2011

P05B04: "The Jester"

NOTE: The P05A00 and P05B00 series refer to those controlled by PRE05. The difference is that the A series possesses no free will and is entirely enslaved to PRE05 and the B series possesses some degree of autonomy. --SΣ
cheat code: the third word is "big"
Designation: P05B04

Aliases: The Jester, The Mummer, The Fool, The Joker, The Mime

Physical Characteristics: A male in either his late twenties or early thirties. Caucasian. Short brown hair and tanned skin. Wears a mask that is reminiscent of a clown's face.

History of Activity: Records of P05B04 are confused and unclear. First believed to have been sighted in Sussex, England in 1889. Has appeared sporadically throughout history. It is unclear whether this is the same individual or if the mask and identity are passed on to different people. Has never been observed to speak and does not seem to be employed in any specific type of assignments. Has been connected to murders, robberies, and kidnappings throughout the twentieth century. Last recorded sighting was *CLASSIFIED*

NOTE: We've actually managed to obtain a mugshot of him, and for once it's not classified. --

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PRE10: "Black Dog"

Designation: PRE10

Colloquial Terms: The Black Dog, Haunter, Garm, Nighthound, Grim, Seamus, Harbinger, SEEKER

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a large black dog. The ears are pointed and the snout is elongated. The eyes appear as either black or red. Muscular body structure. Size changes, ranging from four feet (1.22 meters) tall to nearly ten feet (3 meters) tall.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often seeks out people with long kept secrets. Will bring its victim objects which somehow relate to that secret, goading them into revealing it. Has been observed to outright attack victims who do not reveal their secrets soon enough. Is occasionally seen working with other PREs, often acting as a herald and preparing the way for the PREs appearance. Has been known to sniff out secrets for PREs to use against their victims, either to destroy the victim's psyche or to manipulate the victim for the purposes of the Game.

Further Reading: This account of a man hunted by PRE10. See also the blog "Gaining Perspective"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Experiment 144

NOTE: Experiments 108-143 are classified --SΣ

 Designation: Experiment 144

Purpose: To determine if proximity to PRE06 Doors has any adverse effects on PRE09

Data: Archive Analysts created a "light cage" to capture a body of PRE09. The "light cage" was constructed using data gathered from Experiment 113. After confirming the appearance of a Door, Analysts transported the cage and PRE09 to its location. All monitoring equipment was damaged. All Analysts present on site were found in vegetative states. No sign of the Door. No sign of PRE09. Location of Experiment 144 has been quarantined and designated G004. No object has been observed casting a shadow in G004 since Experiment 144 was carried out. Three of the original seven Analysts remain alive, but in a vegetative state. They have not cast shadows since Experiment 144 was carried out.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

PRE09: "Shadow People"

Designation: PRE09

Colloquial Terms: Shadow People, Shadow Cartographers, Shadowgraphers, Impressions, Regulars, The Miracle, SILHOUETTE

Physical Characteristics: They appear as multiple shadows, usually in the shape of humans, but they are able to alter their forms. Like PRE07, seem to be multiple beings.

Behavioral Characteristics: Rarely hostile. Seem to detest changes in an environment, and will move objects back to their original places (NOTE: So if you, say, rearrange your furniture, PRE09 may put it all back to how it was before -- SΣ). Have been observed to shy away from Doors leading to PRE06. One current theory is that they are *CLASSIFIED* 

Further Reading: The blog "Ontological"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PRE08: "Cold Boy"

Designation: PRE08

Colloquial Terms: The Cold Boy, CHILD, Glass, Frost, Cryme

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a small male human child with skin made of ice. Face is often described as blurred and difficult to make out.

Behavioral Characteristics: Seems to target individuals who are cut off from others. One of the few PREs who has been routinely observed speaking directly to humans, often speaking in the form of nursery rhymes. Has the ability to lower temperature, often killing his victim's through the cold. Some victims, however, are instead *CLASSIFIED*

 Further Reading: This chatlog, as well as the blogs "brighter than a spoon" and "The Ripeness is All"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PRE07: "Choir"

Designation: PRE07

Colloquial Terms: The Choir, Echo, Chorus, Static, Distortion, SHRIEKING

Physical Characteristics: Appears to be multiple entities, similar to PRE09. Each individual body is shadowy and in the rough shape of a human. Gray in color.

Behavioral Characteristics: Possesses control over soundwaves. PRE07 is able to alter the way people hear, putting words into the mouths of others. They usually use this ability to slowly drive their victims into madness, but have been observed making more direct attacks by employing high pitched siren-like sounds that rupture victim's eardrums, shatter glass, and/or hemorrhage the victim's brain. NOTE: I've actually seen this first-hand. One of the guys I trained with was found dead in his room about two years ago, with blood and gunk flowing out of his ears. Apparently, he'd done something to piss these guys off. -- SΣ

Further Reading: This account of a boy being targeted, this post on the blog "They Sought it with Thimbles", this post from the blog "Ontological", and PRE07's presence is made obvious when comparing this post from "Hidden in the Trees" to this post from "Still Remains Within"

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Grandfather's Rite

From the Sacred Text:

"And when I looked into the Grandfather's eyeless face,
when I saw my childhood and memories fade away from my body and into His
glory, I felt at peace.
I knew that I had lost years of experience, but I did not care.
Instead, I resolved to replace all that experience. I would assimilate
knowledge, following in the Grandfather's footsteps.
For the Grandfather is the ultimate collector of knowledge,
and through Him all knowledge must flow."

From the Archive Codex:

"None may join with us who have not met the Grandfather.
To become one of us, one must first seek out the Grandfather
and give unto Him a piece of oneself.
Only then may one be eligible to join with the Archive."

NOTE: So basically what all this means is that, in order to join the Archive, you have to lose your childhood to the Grandfather. He's usually found in libraries, but he's been seen in other places too.

Me? I met the Grandfather for the first time when I was 16. It was back in 1998, and I had some essay due. So I went to the library to study. There I met an old man who asked me my name. I was kind of confused, but I told him anyway. He wrote it down in a book he was carrying and walked away. It wasn't until after he was gone that I realized the man was blind, and it wasn't until after I'd gotten home and seen all those unfamiliar framed photographs on the wall that I realized that I'd lost all memory of the first 13 years of my life. That's what the Grandfather does-- he collects childhoods.

I eventually met a man calling himself Collector Delta. He taught me amazing things about the Grandfather and told me about the Archive. There was little left for me at home-- only three years worth of memories-- so I decided to leave with CΔ and join the Archive. Paul, my boyfriend, tried to stop me. He said that the Archive was just a cult and that I needed help from a hospital. He told me he wouldn't let me leave with CΔ.

He was the first person I ever killed. --SΣ

PRE06: "Empty City"

Designation: PRE06

Colloquial Terms: The Empty City, The City, Metropolis, City of Empty Shadows, The World Beyond the Doors, DEVOURER

Physical Characteristics: PRE06 is a genius loci in the form a large, empty city (NOTE: For those of who don't know what genius loci means, this basically means that PRE06 is a city that is living and intelligent --SΣ). It seems to exist outside our own reality. It manifests in our reality via "Doors" which can appear anywhere and anytime.

Behavioral Characteristics: The Doors can manifest anywhere and will usually (though not always) remain in existence until someone has opened one and stepped through it, whereupon the Door will slam shut and the gateway to PRE06 will vanish. Once inside, victims are left to wander until the day they die. PRE06 continuously shifts its shape and structure to keep victims lost. (NOTE: Yeah, I know, I was skeptical at first too. You're probably wondering where this information came from. Well, it turns out that other PREs use PRE06 as a meeting ground and will occasionally bring their human servants along. Most of our data on PRE06 comes from those servants- --SΣ)

Further Reading: This newspaper clipping, the blog "Out of the Spent and Unconsidered Earth", and the blog "Ontological"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Experiment 107

NOTE: Experiments 001 - 106 are all classified documents --SΣ

Designation: Experiment 107

Purpose: To determine if there are any physiological differences between normal humans and P01A00 series designations. NOTE: The ones usually called the Hallowed. They first started showing up in the eighties. We captured a few for this particular experiments. I'm told they were a lot more docile than most test subjects. --SΣ

Data: Five volunteers were vivisected. Results were then compared to vivisection of P01A09 and P01A12. Presence of black liquid confirmed in P01A09's and P01A12's bloodstreams. No other physiological differences noted. All seven subjects confirmed dead within 12 hours.

PRE05: "Wooden Girl"

Designation: PRE05

Colloquial Terms: The Wooden Girl, Harlequin, PUPPETEER, Splinter, String-Mistress, Queen of Threads, Kathputli, Manipulator, Marionette

Physical Characteristics: Appears as a life-size wooden marionette with strings wrapped around her. Always appears as female, though the exact appearance has changed many times throughout history. This is because *CLASSIFIED*

Behavioral Characteristics:  Exerts complete control over her subjects via the use of invisible and intangible "Strings". Those enthralled by PRE05 are designated under the P05A00 and P05B00 series.

Further Reading: The blog "Debasing the Beef Canoe", this post from the blog "Hidden in the Trees", and the blog "A Tangled Web"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

PRE04: "Grandfather"

Designation: PRE04



NOTE: I am given to understand that the Grandfather is also commonly called the Blind Man or ELDER. --SΣ

PRE03: "Archangel"

Designation: PRE03

Colloquial Terms: The Archangel, Coda, Sanctuary, Hourless, Piper

Physical Characteristics: None

Behavioral Characteristics: Uses the forms of the deceased to interact with the physical world. Seems to favor the form of an unknown male in a black hooded jacket and a gas mask. Often will assault humans for the purpose of increasing its supply of possible forms. Has never been observed to audibly speak, but has been known to communicate via writing. All letters are written in lower-case with the exception of words referring to other PREs, wherein letters are all capitalized. Like PRE01, a symbol has been observed to manifest around it. The Seal of the Archangel (NOTE: It seems to have become popular to call this symbol the Twin Triangles --SΣ) appears as two triangles which mirror one another and are superimposed on one another. Similarities to the Star of David have been noted. From observations it seems to enjoy the contest between PREs (the "Grand Game" or "Great Game") more than its fellows. It is believed *CLASSIFIED* NOTE: While the nature of PRE03 is classified within this organization, it seems to be becoming more widely known due to the activities of P01E07, who goes by the name of Steward --SΣ

Further Reading: The blogs Eccentrically Bored, Angels from the Grave, and Unto the Breach.

P01E01: "Redlight"

NOTE: P01E00 series designates human servants of PRE01 that do not neatly fit into theP01etc categories. So unique servants, or "proxies" as most of you probably call them --SΣ

Designation: P01E01

Aliases: "Redlight", "redlight", "r"

Physical Characteristics: Seems to be a *CLASSIFIED* who is often observed wearing a red colored hoodie.

History of Activity: First publicized appearance occurred during the kidnapping of designation SAGE-ALPHA. Prior to then *CLASSIFIED* Has been connected to designation P01E02, who seems to view him as a brother. Considered to be high-ranking among servants of PRE01. Actions are known to be slightly erratic, leading to many AP00 designations to believe that he seeks freedom from PRE01. Origin unknown. Most popular theories among Archive Analysts *CLASSIFIED* could possibly disprove the Network Theory.

NOTE: Believe it or not, we actually have pages and pages on this guy. This is literally all that I am allowed to show you. Some clarification: SAGE-ALPHA is known as Robert Sagel, P01E02 is a little girl named Cynthia, and the AP00 designation refers to the group of people usually known as "Runners" --SΣ

PRE02: "Rake"

Designation: PRE02

Colloquial Terms: The Rake, Whisperer, Pawmark, Ravage, FERAL, Fermata

Physical Characteristics: Humanoid creature that moves on all fours. Claws protrude from fingers which are often described as "knife-like". Smaller claws are sometimes observed protruding from toes. Skin is pale and hairless. Lacks both sexual organs and an anus. Teeth are all pointed. Eyes are larges, round, and black.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often is observed entering into the rooms of sleeping victims and whispering words to them. Will often turn violent if victims awaken. Is sometimes observed hunting for meat, usually targeting humans.

Further Reading: This account has made the rounds on the internet a fair bit. It's often believed to be a fictitious "creepypasta", but the woman and her story are very real (or they were. She's dead now). The blogs The Hunter, Moonlit Whispers, and Perchance to Dream also concern this creature.

PRE01: "Slender Man"

Designation: PRE01

Colloquial Terms: The Slender Man, Slenderman, "Slendy", The Tall One, The Pale King, The Gentleman, Der Großmann, STRANGER, Willow, Ash, Operator

Physical Characteristics: Often takes form of tall humanoid creature with no face and wearing a black suit. The color of its tie alternates between black and red. Tentacles are often observed as manifesting from its body. Sometimes replacing its arms.

Behavioral Characteristics: Often hunts its prey in a manner similar to a cat in that it toys with its victims before delivering the death blow. This playfulness can last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. Often targets children. In recent years has begun to gather human followers, likely as a response to the increased human resistance to it. Has never been observed to speak. As of May 21, 2011, has been in on peaceful terms with PRE05 for 96 years. NOTE: Basically that means that it's in an alliance with the Wooden Girl --SΣ So-called "Operator Symbols" have been observed to appear in its presence. The purpose of these symbols is *CLASSIFIED*

Human servants designated under P01A00, P01B00, P01C00, P01D00, and P01E00 categories.

Further Reading: Just look around, seriously, I'm willing to bet that, if you're reading this, you've already heard of PRE01


This blog was created for the purpose of releasing the public records of the Archive.

The Archive's Mission Statement: The collection of data concerning the Phobic Representational Entities (henceforth referred to as PREs)

Most records are classified. Unclassified records will be released via this blog.

This blog shall be maintained by worker designated Scribe Sigma.

NOTE: Hello everybody, I'm Scribe Sigma, and they just gave me the job of maintaining this blog. I'm sorry I can't post anything that's labeled as classified, but I'll do my best to get as much information out to you all as possible! --SΣ