Saturday, May 21, 2011

PRE03: "Archangel"

Designation: PRE03

Colloquial Terms: The Archangel, Coda, Sanctuary, Hourless, Piper

Physical Characteristics: None

Behavioral Characteristics: Uses the forms of the deceased to interact with the physical world. Seems to favor the form of an unknown male in a black hooded jacket and a gas mask. Often will assault humans for the purpose of increasing its supply of possible forms. Has never been observed to audibly speak, but has been known to communicate via writing. All letters are written in lower-case with the exception of words referring to other PREs, wherein letters are all capitalized. Like PRE01, a symbol has been observed to manifest around it. The Seal of the Archangel (NOTE: It seems to have become popular to call this symbol the Twin Triangles --SΣ) appears as two triangles which mirror one another and are superimposed on one another. Similarities to the Star of David have been noted. From observations it seems to enjoy the contest between PREs (the "Grand Game" or "Great Game") more than its fellows. It is believed *CLASSIFIED* NOTE: While the nature of PRE03 is classified within this organization, it seems to be becoming more widely known due to the activities of P01E07, who goes by the name of Steward --SΣ

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