Thursday, May 26, 2011

PRE09: "Shadow People"

Designation: PRE09

Colloquial Terms: Shadow People, Shadow Cartographers, Shadowgraphers, Impressions, Regulars, The Miracle, SILHOUETTE

Physical Characteristics: They appear as multiple shadows, usually in the shape of humans, but they are able to alter their forms. Like PRE07, seem to be multiple beings.

Behavioral Characteristics: Rarely hostile. Seem to detest changes in an environment, and will move objects back to their original places (NOTE: So if you, say, rearrange your furniture, PRE09 may put it all back to how it was before -- SΣ). Have been observed to shy away from Doors leading to PRE06. One current theory is that they are *CLASSIFIED* 

Further Reading: The blog "Ontological"

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so I read this book by William Hope Hodgson. It was a horrible book, but there were these...things that lived in a place called the Night Lands. You couldn't really see them and they never really stayed the same shape. Kind of like the shadows.

    So I called them Nightlanders. It just...seemed to fit.