Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PRE07: "Choir"

Designation: PRE07

Colloquial Terms: The Choir, Echo, Chorus, Static, Distortion, SHRIEKING

Physical Characteristics: Appears to be multiple entities, similar to PRE09. Each individual body is shadowy and in the rough shape of a human. Gray in color.

Behavioral Characteristics: Possesses control over soundwaves. PRE07 is able to alter the way people hear, putting words into the mouths of others. They usually use this ability to slowly drive their victims into madness, but have been observed making more direct attacks by employing high pitched siren-like sounds that rupture victim's eardrums, shatter glass, and/or hemorrhage the victim's brain. NOTE: I've actually seen this first-hand. One of the guys I trained with was found dead in his room about two years ago, with blood and gunk flowing out of his ears. Apparently, he'd done something to piss these guys off. -- SΣ

Further Reading: This account of a boy being targeted, this post on the blog "They Sought it with Thimbles", this post from the blog "Ontological", and PRE07's presence is made obvious when comparing this post from "Hidden in the Trees" to this post from "Still Remains Within"


  1. Someone is missing from the list...