Friday, January 20, 2012

The Death of Analyst Alpha

I guess I should probably explain what happened, huh? I can't imagine that you guys are satisfied with that synopsis IN posted.

Like the report said, Inquisitor Alpha was killed and the Martyrs broke into the Sphere. They burst into the room I was in and, while I am certainly not helpless, they managed to capture me (three highly trained professionals versus one out of practice fighter is not fair odds). They dragged me to some cell and locked me up there.

I was in the cell for what seemed like an eternity, but then finally they came and took me from it. They brought me to a brightly lit room, where Analyst Alpha had ordered all her equipment to be taken. She had everything she needed to perform the fetal transplant. My half-sister was already there as well, strapped into a table. She looked confused and scared-- I don't think she really comprehended what was going on.

I was strapped down to a table, and Analyst Alpha walked in, wearing a white apron, a surgical mask, gloves... she was ready for the procedure. I think it was at that moment when it really sank in what she was about to do to me, and I panicked. I struggled and I screamed, but I couldn't break free of my bonds. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my neck, and realized that someone had injected me with something. I calmed down, but I stayed conscious, just... detached. It didn't seem like I was really there anymore.

I watched as Neomaria was injected with something similar, and then her mother took a pair of scissors and cut open her robe, and she took a scalpel to Neomaria's gut...

...and then there was chaos.

The instant she made the incision, Analyst Alpha was thrown back, and shadows-- physical shadows-- burst out of my sister's body. They swarmed all over the room in a fury, and I saw a portion of the shadowed mass lashing out at AA, tearing into her body and cutting into her flesh.

And just as suddenly as it began, it was over. What was left of Analyst Alpha lay splattered across the wall, and there was no trace whatsoever of the shadows or my sister.


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