Friday, February 3, 2012

P12A00 and P12B00 series: "Oathbreakers"

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. I'll celebrate with a bottle of champagne. --SΣ

There are certain people involved with the medical profession who show a sort of loyalty and reverence to PRE12 "Plague Doctor". These people are informally called "Oathbreakers," in reference to the Hippocratic Oath.

Those designated with the P12A00 series are considered "lesser Oathbreakers," though they are also often called "Plague Bearers" and "Night Surgeons." They often tattoo a symbol known as the Stick and the Serpent on some part of their body, and work to ensure the spread of disease. They often work as back-alley doctors, pharmaceutical salespeople, and nurses. Aside from subtly working to infect their patients, they seem function completely normally as average members of society.

Those designated with the P12B00 series are considered "greater Oathbreakers," and are often called "Mad Doctors." They often occupy higher positions in the medical community than the P12A00 designations, being surgeons, doctors, and scientists. They are also often more specialized in their approach to causing infection than P12A00 designations are. "Greater Oathbreakers" will often experiment to find new ways of causing infection and use their patients as guinea pigs for these experiments.


  1. Well, happy birthday, Sigma!

  2. Hey I thought as a birthday present I might just suggest an archive post for you guys.

    P4A00 series: "Archivists"

    These crazy Blind Man proxies are very similar to The Timberwolves in their nature as a crazy cult mostly unaffiliated with the Fear they worship as well as the Greyskins in their seeming lack of knowledge and denial of what they so obviously are.

    They have apparently created a rigid hierarchical structure and perform experiments of dubious ethics.

    They hardly ever leave their strange lair and as such should be considered mostly harmless.

    Hope you enjoy your present.

    The Bastard Out.

    1. Fucking dumbasss.

      That designation shoulld be P04A00. What are ypu stupids?


  3. I really hate that there's people out there this sick to do that to people all while remaining hidden in plain sight. >:(

  4. Just missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday then.

  5. Hope ya enjoyed yer Champagne Remember don't drink and comment. Be responsible