Monday, September 17, 2012

PRE 22: "Smiling Man"

Designation: PRE22

Colloquial Terms: The Smiling Man, The Grinning Man, STALKER, Rosebud, Sisyphus, The Rapturous, Loverboy, Lovers, The Suitor, The Gardener, Carrot Top, False Eyes, Rictus, The Dancer

Physical Description: Appears as a man with wild red hair. His face is often described as difficult to look at, as it does not seem to follow common geometrical laws. His smile is wider than his face and his eyes are so "impossible" that those who look at them directly often experience minor brain damage.

Behavioral Characteristics: While PRE22 seems to most commonly target young women, it is not unheard of for him to target individuals of different ages and genders. PRE22 usually announces his presence by leaving flowers for his targets and watching them from afar. Then, when they are alone, he abducts them. What happens after is unclear, as the few victims who resurface are often so traumatized by their experiences that they can't give a coherent account. PRE22 has also been observed to exhibit some control over flowers.

PRE22's domain is known as the Flower Fields.


  1. I've heard murmurs among those Running from him of "the Rose Bride". Whether that's what He wants His victims for or it's something that serves Him I don't know.

  2. Those eyes also encourage insanity in those that briefly see them just as you're blinking.

    But that's just my word, I don't recommend testing this.


  3. I've heard of this boy who goes by the name of Puppet I believe,(that might be wrong, I haven't read his blog in a long time) he's found a notebook in a forest near his place and apparently he is the only one to see what the notebook contains. The smiling man appears in the notebook and he describes it as something terrible, and unbelievable. And so grotesque that he vomitted.