Sunday, October 28, 2012

UXP023: "Poltergeists"

NOTE: You know the drill by now. Sorry, I've been busy etc. --SΣ

 Designation: UXP023

Description: Manifests as an unseen presence, often confined to a certain area and capable of manipulating solid objects. Behavior varies on a case-by-case basis.

Numerous hypotheses have been put forth to explain UXP023: souls rejected by PRE03 "Archangel" (or souls which have rejected PRE03). Manifestations of beings on other realities, manipulating matter on a different reality as a result of Dimensional Bleeding. Psychic residue left by someone with a strong connection to a particular place. Whatever the reason, UXP023 is rarely dangerous.

Strangely, in 92% of the recorded cases of UXP023 coming into contact with a PRE, UXP023 became docile for the duration of the PRE's presence. In the remaining 7% of cases, UXP023 instead became extraordinarily active and seemingly aggressive.

Approach with caution.


  1. Which PREs cause it to flip out?

  2. The first theory makes no sense. I can see no reason Archie would reject any souls and doubt that anyone is capable of rejecting Him. I also wonder how many suspected poltergeists are misdiagnosed Nightlander infestations. They often move objects about, although always in an oddly orderly fashion.