Sunday, January 22, 2012

PRE18: "Unnamed Child"

Note: Since things have finally calmed down, I'm hoping to get this blog back to business as usual. I'm doing fine, by the way. No need to worry about me. --SΣ

Designation: PRE18

Colloquial Terms: The Unnamed Child, The Lost Girl, Precious, Darling, The Daughter of All, OFFSPRING, Little Nameless

Physical Description: Appears as a young girl, about six to eight years of age. Exact physical characteristics vary, but many not affected by its abilities describe its face as being wrong somehow, with subtly off proportions. Those who are affected do not seem notice these characteristics.

Behavioral Description: PRE18 will initially appear to its chosen target as a homeless little girl. It will then begin to work at the target's mind. The target will be compelled by protect and care for PRE18, and slowly will become convinced that it is his or her daughter. Over a period of time, targets will begin to see PRE18 as the most important thing in their lives, often at the expense of everyone and everything else they know. Once PRE18 is the only thing the target cares about, PRE18 will vanish, leaving the target to desperately search for it for the rest of his or her life. Throughout this whole process, PRE18 has never been observed to speak. These victims are designated as P18A00 series, or "Wanderers."

If a victim of PRE18 ever happens to find it again, then PRE18 will whisper something in their ear. What it is whispers is unknown, but those who hear PRE18 became mindlessly devoted to her, and will, as they claim, "carry out [PRE18's] will." These victims will also lose all memory of their names, and those who knew the victims will likewise fail to recall the victims' name. These victims are designated as P18B00 series, or "Nameless."

Further Reading: This blog was kept by one of her victims. This blog also features her.


  1. Good to see ya back safe and sound, Sigma.

  2. This Fear reminds me of the Newborn. Could there be a connection, or is there just an abundance of coincidences..?

  3. SCP foundation have a similar entity SCP 1076 AKA the only child.
    are they here proxies?