Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CW007: "Bliss"

NOTE: This thing is just barely recognized as an actual Pathway. Hell, even a lot of Analysts and Scribes question its existence. The fact that all our information on it comes from about seven total accounts probably has something to do with it. Though these are accounts from people all over the world who lived in different time periods, so... take from that what you will. Whether you believe this or not is up to; I don't care. --SΣ

Designation: CW007

Common Term: Bliss 

CW007 is a relatively mysterious domain, believed to belong to PRE03 "Archangel." Reports concerning it are exceedingly rare, as PRE03 rarely shows an active interest in the lives of its Servants, who are mostly composed of cultists.

Each report on this location has been identical. The witnesses all found themselves floating in darkness, and described being surrounded by a comforting and familiar presence. Each described a feeling of total calm and absolute peace. However, after a few hours of experiencing this sensation, the witnesses were abruptly pulled from it by what they described as "rough hands with too many and too-long fingers."

Each witness suffered from severe depression following the experience, and eventually they all took their own lives.

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  1. Trust me, The Bliss is very real.