Monday, January 23, 2012

P07A00 series: "Carriers"

Note: Due to the chaotic way this data is organized in our database, I had to write this up myself, rather than just copy and paste the non-classified bits as usual. --

On rare occasions, PRE07 "Choir" has been observed to take on physical properties, rather than remain as a "gray shadow." When this happens, the bodies of PRE07 behave in a similar manor to a fungus. In extremely rare circumstances, the fungal bodies will release spores which can attach to nearby humans. A new fungal body will then begin to grow on the victim's skin. Those who are infected with the fungus are always tormented by PRE07's ability to alter soundwaves, with many victims reporting hearing voices right next to their ears at all times. Madness is quick to follow.

These victims are designated as part of the P07A00 series, and are informally called "Carriers." (Note: They are also commonly called "Grayskins." --SΣ)

After a few weeks of infection, the "Carrier" will always die, and the fungus will leave the corpse. It has been theorized by some Analysts that this infection is how PRE07 reproduces.


  1. Nasty ass mold that infects its victims. This is worse than the Wooden Girl..

  2. That's pretty creepy if they reproduce by infecting you.

    {>.<} Makes me shiver.