Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tower TV

How many people even read this? Does this information help anyone, or is it too vague to be useful? Without the classified sections, is this information worthless? Ah, hell, I don't know. I didn't use to think about stuff like this. I just updated this little blog like it actually meant something. Day in and day out, the same little routine. Nice and cozy and comfortable and safe. No one ever got torn apart by shadows or tried to stick demon fetuses in me or shit like that. Anyway, Tower TV, yeah. --

The existence of Tower TV was first noticed in the year 1969. Rumors of the channel began circulating around the children of a number of seemingly random cities across the globe. The rumors only lasted for a single summer, full of children whispering tales of a tv channel that aired shows about monsters stalking and killing and torturing humans, and puppet shows where the puppets would kill each other in spectacularly gory fashions. However, with the coming of winter, those rumors died down, and the stories were dismissed as simply being a scary story children told to one another for fun.

Three years later, Tower TV began to air shows again, and ran uninterrupted for the next decade. While few ever saw the mysterious channel, and its many of its shows were described as "incomprehensible" and "unwatchable," one particular program aired during this time has gained something of a cult following: Candle Cove, a show about a number of pirate-themed puppets and their adventures with a girl named Janice. While the show did not last long, it gained popularity in the 80's with a number of reruns.

The growing popularity of Candle Cove led to the show being revived in the 90's, with new puppets and a new actress portraying Janice. This show, too, was cancelled after only a few more episodes, and with its cancellation, Tower TV posted a special bulletin that the channel would not be running anymore.

In mid-2011, Tower TV returned to the air, with a third Candle Cove series as its flagship show, though a number of other shows have also aired on the channel. Few, however, have managed to match up to Candle Cove's popularity.

It seems that while only certain adults are able to perceive Tower TV, all children are capable of viewing it. Those who cannot view Tower TV see only static on the monitor when the television is turned to that channel. It is considered something of an open secret that Tower TV is connected to PRE05 "Wooden Girl", though what purpose the channel is meant to serve remains unclear.


  1. At the very least, it's interesting to know just how many crazy entities there are and how many things are linked to them.

  2. I've often linked here to provide my readers basic information on the Fears and things related to them before delving into personal experience and theories. I might not trust you cultists any more than I do the servants of the other Beings out there but I've always found the information here reliable.

    As for Tower TV it sometimes surprises me that I have yet to see the channel myself, though it probably helps that I never watched Candle Cove or the other shows it's aired as a child. Rumor I've heard is that's one of the more common groups of adults who are able to see the channel. The other most common group is the mad, which many people would argue DOES include me but I've still yet to see it.

  3. I've never watched much TV, so I have no idea if I would be able to watch it.

    From what I've read, I doubt I would want to.

    But this blog is very useful. It's helped... quite a bit.

  4. AH, I rmember Tower TV, It used to be MANNY's favorite channel, yes it was aired in britain too. I may get him watching it again. tehehhe _SS